Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes Clues and Spoilers: Season 2, Episode 1

This is the Heroes Spoilers clues blog for the first episode of Season 2 of the Heroes TV series on NBC.

This episode sets the table for Heroes season 2 - you know, the plate, the fork, the knife, and what about that teaspoon! Now for the quote of the day:

"We have our own private Fort Knox" - The Company man turns a metal spoon into gold.
(Join the Company)

"Four Months Later" is the descriptive title and the basic story lines that will take us through Heroes Volume 2 are set up:

  • What is coming-to-America Maya's power, besides making eyes bleed?

  • Who is the baddie in the hoodie?

  • Can Hiro restore the past, after altering it and possibly destroying the Kensei legend?

  • Will Claire and H.R.G. Noah Bennett stay anonymous?

  • What happened to Peter the power sponge

  • Can the H.R.G. / Mohinder / Matt the Mindreader / Molly team bring down the Company?

  • Who is the ugly Nathan in the mirror

  • And, who are the Nine in the Kaito Nakamura - Angela Petrelli gang?

Readers of this blog already knew a lot of this episode in advance from the earlier Episode 1 Spoilers posts - after all this is a Heroes spoilers blog - and here we will talk about a few things we learned, the table that has been set, and some spoilers from ... for ... the future...
(They're back.)

As discussed in the Heroes spoilers, Takezo Kensei hardly is Japanese, but is he heroic? You bet, but that comes out in later episodes. For now, he is a mischievous rogue. Hiro is there to set history straight - or more correctly interfere with history and then fix it. Remember, Kensei operates with a front-man. Hiro saved the front-man from the arrows. But that had an unintended consequence of letting the bandits through to the village. Kensei was supposed stop them, thereby saving the village and impressing and ultimately marrying the princess - thus starting the Kensei myth to last 300 years. Instead, the village burned, the sorcerer's princess daughter was pissed off, and Kensei goes out drinking. Time for a Heroes super-Hiro to fix the timeline.
(Maya: Coming to America.)

Maya and Alejandro Heroes spoilers clues: Maya and her brother Alejandro are new characters trying to reach America. They are on the run, wanted for murder. Maya, when threatened, can kill in uncontrolled self-defense. Of course the authorities do not know she only acts defensively. Maya is an intellectual, reading up on her powers, and has discovered the book written by Chandra Suresh - Mohinder's father. The book explains the genetic theories behind Heroes heroes' super powers. The Heroes not-so spoilers are, of course, Dr. Suresh the senior is deceased. Maya and Alejandro eventually make it to America only to find out that bad news. So, Maya is left to learn to control her power on her own ... with the help of some others.
"Ando, in 24 hours I'll be dead." George Takai a/k/a Kaito Nakamura to Ando after the torn picture.
One of our favorite characters appears dead. That would be Kaito Nakamura - Hiro's dad - who was pushed off the Deveaux building by the baddie in the hoodie. But why? Who? That would be the evil lurking in Molly's dream. A war within the older generation that will be resolved by the younger generation. For sure, this is not the end of Kaito Nakamura's story... his power revealed.
(Double Agent)

We would have no hope for Mohinder's plan to infiltrate the company - if H.R.G. was not the "brains" behind the operation. Mohinder used his cell phone to call in his success? A clue that he will not succeed in the double agent business. Talk about insecure communications. Suspending reality, Mohinder, Matt, H.R.G. and Molly have teamed up to infiltrate and bring down the company - not the Kinko's copy shop. Matt is divorced, but back on the police force and serving as Molly's adoptive dad. Molly still can detect powers, but is haunted by the dark force.

Surreal dinner / Mr. Muggles Heroes Spoilers Clues: The Bennett family dinner at first looked like a stereotype of normality. The family around the table talking about what they achieved during the day in Costa Verde, California - an allegory for life in middle-America. But for this family, the object is to be inconspicuous. To be plain. To go unnoticed. So, Mrs. Bennett, the most unlikely survivor of Heroes Season 1, is making conversation about the day. By that point we all knew Mr. Bennett - H.R.G. - attacked his boss-from-hell and Claire did a back flip, broke her shin, but recovered. Nope, nothing unusual ... not. Last season Claire said Mr. Muggles the dog's power was playing dead. He survived the radiation attack without a single burn to live another day at the dinner table.

Teen heartthrob West is introduced. Besides being the Season 2 love interest, he is a peeping Tom, using his levitation ability to peek into Claire's bedroom. Here is some pure Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog speculation: you may love him, but like loves of seasons past, West will not make it alive to Season 3.


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