Sunday, December 10, 2006

Heroes Spoilers Blog - The Beginning

Spoiler Alert: Don't read this blog if you don't want
to know the future of Heroes

This blog is meant to be fun for everyone, the Heroes, the future Heroes and us, the fans of Heroes. So, squeeze those eyes shut and jump ............ to the future. That's what the Heroes Spoilers blog is all about -- knowing the future before it gets here.

Using our vast super secret intelligence network, we will scour the inner sanctums to discern the future of Heroes, and whenever we find a spoiler, we'll post it right here.

So check back often to see what is happening ...... uh we mean will be happening.

Now a word of caution for the uninitiated: There are a lot of rumours and fake spoilers out there. Some may even be put out there by the NBC marketing gurus. Imagine that.

But have no fear, the Heroes spoilers blog is here!! Lol. We inspect, interrogate, probe every spoiler to determine its accuracy, and every single spoiler you see here is 100% accurate ... NOT! Seriously now, how can anyone see the future ;) so take spoilers with a grain of salt. They are supposed to be fun, and if one hits, wow terrific. Rest assured, while we are being serious, we will endeavor to provide good spoilers as we find them.

What can we all do to make this a great spoilers site? If you find a good spoiler, go ahead, don't be shy, put it in the comments so everyone can enjoy it. Our policy is no negativity -- this is a no ripping zone, usually anyway.

So keep checking back as the spoilers roll in, and have fun!

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cabreeze1 said...

I was not around a TV on Dec. 3 or Dec. 10th, were there new episodes of Heros or were they repeats?