Friday, September 21, 2007

Four Months Later Heroes Spoilers Videos

Heroes Season 2, Volume 2 rolls in next Monday. HTSS Wooo hooo. We previously posted the Heroes Spoilers for Four Months Later, and this is a video preview update. The usual warning: Stop reading if you don't want to see Heroes spoilers and Heroes preview video clips.

We found some interesting Heroes videos on the net and decided to post our favorites. The first one is shot by a fan at the Comicon convention in San Diego. The quality is pretty low, but check out the fan reactions to Claire (her hand goes where?), Sylar and Peter. They're baaack. Oh cute but creepy Molly is a scream ... uh ... screams.

(Direct to Youtube)
Next up is a five minute compilation of Heroes teaser clips leaked by the powers that be, TPTB. Beware ... these are heavy on Heroes spoilers and contain actual content.
  • Mohinder Heroes Spoilers - teaser 1 - Mohinder clueless as usual out to cure a disease inflicting the poor Heroes heroes. He remains in obscurity as his lecture is sparsely attended. Afterwards, a "company" recruiter comes by with a job offer. Come join the family.

  • Claire and H.R.G. Heroes Spoilers - teaser 2 - Claire starts 11th grade at the new school in Los Angeles, California. Loving dad H.R.G. drops her off. Now remember Claire, we have to keep a low profile. "Right" she says... meaning... not gonna happen. Oh, and don't try out for the cheerleading squad!

  • Claire meets West spoilers, teaser 3: Claire meets romantic West. "Are you a robot or an alien?"

  • Coming to America - Maya and Alejandro Heroes Spoilers, teaser 4 - New Heroes heroes Maya and Alejandro are on the run from the policia (police), they hop a fence (not THE fence) to get away, but will they make it across the border? Of course, not that hard, just not so soon.

  • Hiro and Takezo Kensei Heroes Spoilers, teaser 5 - Hiro and British sounding Kensei having a heart to heart. Hiro is disappointed to find his comic book hero may actually be rather greedy and cowardly in real life.

(Direct to Youtube)

Finally, a new Heroes trailer put out by NBC TV, this one starting off with Micah waking up, with glimpses of Molly with Mohinder, Micah and his mom Jessica/Nikki, Claire, H.R.G. slaps Sylar, mamma Angela Petrelli, in the hospital, Matt the mind reader, Nathan and Peter Petrelli.

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