Friday, September 28, 2007

Heroes Spoilers: Lizards - Season 2, Episode 2 Spoilers

Heroes Spoilers Ahead ... This is the Heroes Spoilers blog for Season 2, episode 2 of Heroes on NBC TV. The table having been set in Episode 1 of this season, Lizards picks up and starts to advance the story. As usual, WARNING: Heroes Spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you do not want to know the future of the Heroes series ... blah, blah, blah ...

Jessica / Nikki Heroes Spoilers: The dual personality Jessica / Nikki is back and bad, next week. She teams up with the Company soon for more mayhem.

Five Heroes spoilers clips have been leaked and posted below. The clips plus additional spoilers include:

  • Mrs. Bennett Heroes Spoilers: In the first clip we see Mrs. Bennett has not been totally lobotomized by her mind-wipe at the hands of the Haitian super-hero memory eraser in season 1. In fact, she is quite lucid and in control. The surreal dinner in Four Months Later (season 2, episode 1) really meant she was quizzing the family on how well they performed at being inconspicuous, not mindless conversation. H.R.G., Noah Bennett, reveals to her that he now has discovered eight paintings by Isaac the now dead future painter, and these paintings also predict disasters to come. One has come true already, the fall from the building roof by Kaito Nakamura, Hiro's dad.

  • Hiro and Takezo Kensei Heroes Spoilers: Hiro and Kensei are back in ancient Japan. Hiro now has his plan to get the timeline of history back on track. Kensei must fall in love with the princess. Not shown, but also coming up is his communication through time with Ando who goes back home to Japan. We also learn more about Kensei's power and ingenuity.

  • Mohinder + THE Haitian Heroes Spoilers: Mohinder the clueless double agent is given an assignment by the Company man to go to "Port-au-Prince" - the largest city in Haiti. The implication being that Mohinder is supposed to retrieve the Haitian super-hero mind wiper of Heroes season 1. Not shown in the clip is the Heroes spoiler that the Haitian gets to speak a whole lot more in Heroes season 2.

  • West and Claire Heroes Spoilers: peeping tom Heroes heart-throb West is trying to talk Claire into reading Chandra Suresh's genetics book, i.e. Lizards, but Claire is not taking the bait. She thinks she can keep her secret powers secret from West. Of course he knows already.

  • Peter Petrelli Heroes Spoiers: Peter now is prisoner of the gangsters in Ireland. The gangsters want their IPods! Peter wants his memories.

Future episodes Heroes Spoilers: Sylar in a Candace-induced fantasy land. West finally flies Claire to the Hollywood sign. The Haitian and H.R.G. Noah Bennett team up.


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