Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Heroes Chapter 14 Spoilers Update - "Distractions"

This is a little update on the spoilers for the upcoming episode of Heroes, which is called "Distractions". I will be posting the full spoilers post for this episode with some all new items I've learned tomorrow.

Here are a few: Sylar, Heroes' resident serial killer dispenses with H.R.G. and heads home in a Primatech Paper suit to visit Claire, or more correctly eat her brain. He has some Sylar fun with mom. Not sure if H.R.G. survives but we are 100% certain someone dies in one of the February episodes.

Interestingly, the Canadian preview was somewhat different from what was shown by NBC in the United States. Some more emphasis on Nikki/Jessica, and insight into how she gets loose. Here it is from YouTube:

Oh, and here are some general Season 1 and Season 2 spoilers from the mouth of creator Tim Kring, who knows what he is talking about ... or is giving out misdirection ;) Tim would like to see Sylar stick around.... So rumors were that Zach Quinto (Sylar) is on a one-season contract, and this means they may be negotiating renewal. Time will tell. As for the theme of whether New York blows up in the season finale, that storyline will be concluded, so we will know whether the catastrophe successfully is avoided. However the season-ending cliffhanger will concern whether certain characters survive.

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