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Heroes Spoilers Chapter 14 - "Distractions"

As I said in my spoiler post yesterday, here is my Heroes spoilers blog for the next episode of Heroes - Season 1, Episode 14, which is called "Distractions". As usual, lots of spoilers here blah blah so if you want to remain in suspense until the broadcast, stop reading now ...

Distractions is a family relationships episode. Hiro's complicated relationship with his mega-billionaire father Sulu, er Mr. Nakamura, and his corporate climbing sister will be explored. Also H.R.G.'s (Mr. Bennett) deceptive relationship with his wife and of course healing daughter Claire will be explored.

Heroes' Hiro and his relationship with his father and sister spoilers: George Takei (who plays Mr. Nakamura aka Sulu) gave a candid interview in TV Guide, which if believed provides a lot of Hiro's family backstory. It turns out little cheerful Hiro is among the richest people in the entire world, his Dad arriving last week in a new $400,000 Bentley. What? you might ask. Hiro the faceless company man in the cubicle is rich. Yes indeed. His Dad, believes in training his children into the company from the bottom up. Learn humility and skill in the Japanese way. So, Sulu ... Mr. Nakamura cannot tolerate the risk of his son wondering around in danger in America. He wants Hiro home secure with his bodyguards. After all there are evil people in the world who might seek to gain ransom from a rich man using his wayward son Hiro

Now, what does this have to do with a magic samurai sword spoiler, which Hiro seeks to regain his Heroes hero status? Hiro Nakamura it turns out is the descendant of a long line of Shogun aristocracy. What is one of their family relics... a samurai sword of course! Back to Linderman.

As for the Bennett dysfunctional family unit: H.R.G. has been living a lie for years. His wife Mrs. Bennett has discovered on numerous occasions Claire's power, as well as H.R.G.'s sinister alter ego. Even worse, she learned of the true circumstances of Claire's adoption. Ever wonder why she has an unnaturally vacuous look? That's because she has been subjected to the Haitien's mind erasing every time she remembers or discovers anything. Ambiguous H.R.G. will do anything to keep her and Claire clueless. However, the Haitien's mind-erasing power is not like a precision guided smart bomb taking out a terrorist cell. Nope, the repeated erasures on Mrs. Bennett have wiped out a lot of innocent brain cells, to the point she almost is a Stepford Wife.

The big Distractions Heroes spoiler is that it all falls apart for H.R.G. Sylar is on the loose and out to wreak havoc with H.R.G. ... and of course eat Claire the cheerleader daughter's brain. Sylar takes H.R.G.'s ID, puts on a Primatech Paper suit and off he goes to H.R.G.'s home, leaving H.R.G. helpless in a cell in basement of Primatech Paper. Can you hear the Heroes web game creeping up? Also, Claire's adoptive Mother finally gets clued in, interestingly by Sylar. Does she survive the Sylar encounter? Our bet is yes, since again, she has no Heroes super power to offer him.

Anyone wondering if Sylar gets re-captured? The answer is no. The Heroes spoilers picture above is a publicity photo of Sylar still on the loose in Heroes Episode 15 (two weeks)! Thanks Just Jared.

Claire's biological father also will be revealed, and he has some kind of power too. Like father like daughter.

Then of course there is the renowned dysfunctional family unit of Nikki / Jessica - the good / bad dual personality mom, D.L. the fugitive dad who can walk through walls, and of course Micah, with the Heroes cash machine superpower - the breadwinner child. Nikki goes in for more analysis by the jail psychiatrist, who of course demands to speak with Jessica, without handcuffs. So Jessica is provide with an opportunity to get loose.

Here is the "official" word from As usual, an tantalizingly vague episode summary is provided, with some nice spoilers mixed in. Take this summary, and spoiler in general, with a grain of salt, and for the fun they are.

The title refers to the dysfunctional family spoiler - y aspect of the episode: "With Their New Paths Becoming Clearer, Some 'Heroes' Family Relationships Are Driven Apart".

Then they go into the episode teaser spoilers:

Hiro struggles to make his father (guest star George Takei), a corporate tycoon, and ambitious sister (guest star Saemi Nakamura) understand his new heroic path in life. Niki has a chance to be with D.L. and Micah again, but will she really be with them? Claude (guest star Chris Eccleston) attempts to teach Peter to harness his abilities, but the process could shatter Peter's faith in those closest to him. Determined to find her birth mother (guest star Jessalyn Gilsig), Claire makes her way to a trailer park in Texas.

The trailer park is home for Claire's biological mom. Will Claire find her bio dad? Not in this episode.

Meanwhile, Sylar makes a shocking move against H.R.G. -- and his family.

He will not manage to kill Claire the healer though.


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