Monday, January 29, 2007

Heroes Chapter 13: "The Fix" Episode Summary

This is my Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog episode summary of the interesting twists and turns for Chapter 13 of Heroes, The Fix.

This was a fast-paced episode of Heroes, difficult even to keep up. Ok, first with what is obvious to regular readers of this blog: Star Trek's George Takai made his premiere as Hiro's dad - fresh from Japan to track down his Heroes Hiro superhero son.

Zack, Claire’s computer guru sidekick is convinced again. So Claire is worth having as a friend, just like study-buddies in the photo. Huh? I never was convinced that a teenage boy like Zack would turn down Claire the cute cheerleader as in the Godsend episode of Heroes last week. So finally the universe has been fixed, in The Fix.

Peter has the good sense to escape from Nathan, his flying brother, and Mohinder who wants to "fix" him. Mohinder is sounding more and more like a problem… he wants to “study” and “help” the superheroes, just like ambiguous H.R.G. It will be much more interesting in coming episodes to watch Peter and the invisible man Claude Raines. I love Claude’s story. Invisibility, how intriguing…much less with invisible clothes! Conventional invisibility requires the hero to strip down to be invisible. Not Claude and Peter the power sponge. Their clothing becomes invisible too. No need to fix that.

Hiro is powerless without his magic samurai sword. Actually, the spoiler is that it is all just psychological. Hiro THINKS he is powerless and therefore he becomes powerless. He only needs to regain his confidence. Hiro retains the power to bend time, just has lost his confidence to use it.

Back in the top-secret underground facility of Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas: Sylar played dead and now H.R.G. of horn rimmed glasses fame is in a whole world of hurt – stuck in a room with Sylar, Heroes’ bad boy. We all have assumed he has no powers, and if he does not he now is at Sylar’s mercy. On the other hand, Sylar murders for the purpose of learning how you tick … how your Heroes superpower works, so he can absorb it himself. Now if H.R.G. has no power as everyone believes, then perhaps he will not be killed by Sylar as he has nothing to offer.

Claire’s mother is Meredith Gordon – a firestarter. It is not surprising that Claire’s mother has a power too. What is surprising is that she gave up Claire willingly despite her superpower. As soon as Claire hangs up, her mother calls her biological father, and we are promised you won't believe who he is. Here at the Heroes spoilers blog, we know :) Either H.R.G. or someone close to him.

Micah, the son of Nikki/Jessica and D.L. – has the ATM power. Talk about profitable.

Matt the mind reader and pregnant Janice. The spoiler is that he is uncertain whether the baby is his. After all, she had an affair just before the pregnancy. My read of her body language is that she has no guilt, at least about the baby, so pure speculation, not spoiler, is that the baby probably really is Matt's. Can’t wait to see what power the baby has, but the spoiler is we all will have to wait for Season 2 to learn if at all. By the way, I wish Matt would stop whining and do something productive with his superpower. Being able to read minds is nothing to ignore.

Jessica / Nikki gets psychiatric treatment after D.L. sneaks through the walls in her padded cell for a visit. In the last scene, the psychiatrist insists that Nikki let violent Jessica speak with her. The spoilers are: Not a good idea. Jessica wants out and this presents an opportunity.

There are 36 people on the Heroes list compiled by Professor Chandra Suresh, Mohinder’s dad. Who might they be? Are you on the List?



M said...

I'm surprised they had a smoking scene. I know they had to show Jessalyn using her power but smoking is a no-no on family tv nowadays.

A said...

Hey M. It really jumped out at me too. Cnoventionally speaking smoking on TV is portrayed as a clue to a character flaw, like the smoking guy on the X Files a long time ago. So here we have Claire's bio Mom, and the first thing she does is light up. This is a clue that she is not as good as onemight expect from a long-lost mother. It may be that the person she calls has a negative aspect, like H.R.G. or Linderman.

Mr. Incredulous said...

I have a hunch on Claire's dad, sans spoilers. And no, I won't spoil it. It WILL be a huge shock, and will finally introduce a key player in the story-line.
Claire's mom lighting up shows the human side of her. The whole show is based upon poeple with extraordiany abilities, but not without flaws. Episode 5 dealt specifically with that-- how each Hero has to overcome limitations within themselves...

Charlie said...

There are more than 36 people on Chandra Suresh's list. In fact, listening to Mohinder tells us that there are actually 39 people (or more) on the list. Read the following thread (post #15) to see how I proved this fact: