Sunday, June 1, 2008

Heroes Videos

This is a Heroes Spoilers blog Heroes videos spoilers or not-so spoilers blog. NBC has leaked some Heroes sneak peaks videos that are kind of spoilers - y.

In the first one, the Heroes spoilers themes of Heroes season 3 are introduced an internal struggle between good and bad: Good will battle evil ... Because in every hero there could be a villain". The Peter spoilers are that we will see a lot more of dark brooding bad Peter, and good Peter too.

The second of the Heroes spoilers videos is narrated by none other than mamma Petrelli. She returns for Season 3 and is being given a lot of PR exposure by NBC, the Heroes spoilers being look for more Petrelli family drama in Heroes Season 3.

The third of the Heroes videos is not very spoilers - y, but there are some interesting things in there. The shadow of speedy Daphne is painted on the glass wall, and seems to be trying to catch up with her! Fast Daphne. Maybe Heroes spoilers in the quick shot of Peter. Check out the dark burglar - assassin gear. Who shot Nathan anyway?

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