Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heroes Spoilers: Season 3

Heroes Season 3 Spoilers: The long Heroes hiatus is happening at the moment, but the Heroes spoilers are that Heroes season 3 is in production, after a strike-shortened Heroes season 2. The first Heroes spoilers for the summer are below. The title of Season 3 gives a lot away – “Villains”. Like Batman had the Riddler and the Joker, the Heroes heroes have their own villains.

Heroes Spoilers Season 3 DaphneHiro Meet Daphne

One of the new villains is speedy fast Daphne, played by actress Brea Grant. The Daphne Heroes spoilers are that at least in the beginning Daphne is Heroes’ Hiro’s nemesis, speeding away just as Hiro stops time to catch her. Of course, arch-villain Sylar returns too.

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