Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Heroes Season 3 Spoilers

The curtain goes up on Heroes season 3 on September 22, with a 2-hour premier. The producers and NBC hope everyone has collective amnesia, like Peter, after the poorly reviewed Season 2. It is not a Heroes spoiler to know the Heroes spoilers blog loved season 2, but alas we were the minority. We could have done without the whole mascara running out of the eyes plot line, however.

Inside sources tout Season 3 of Heroes as the comeback season. Out go the meandering plot lines and awkward new characters. And the season 3 spoilers are that we can expect a lot tighter editing, faster plot development, and a return to core values – superpowers, credible action and real bad baddies.

Here are some of the Heroes spoilers for Heroes Season 3, episode 1:

  • Peter Heroes Spoilers: Future Peter, he’s the one, returning to present times to prevent his super flying brother Nathan from his ill-considered plan to expose the Heroes super powers to the whole world.

  • Sylar – Claire Heroes Spoilers: Evil Sylar finally tracks down Claire the healer with predictable results… but does she heal from the massive headache? Of course.

  • Mohinder, clueless as ever (no Heroes spoilers there), develops an injection to give superpowers to normal people. Of course he injects himself with loopy results.

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