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Heroes Spoilers: Season 1 Finale Spoilers - How To Stop An Exploding Man

This is the Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog for the season finale of Heroes on NBC TV. The final episode of the rousing season 1 is entitled "How To Stop An Exploding Man", making it episode 23 of season 1. And now, for our final season 1 disclaimer, blah, blah, blah, as usual, blah, blah, blah, spoilers ahead, so if you do not want to know the future of NBC Heroes, stop reading now...

Heroes Spoilers, season finale

(DL Lives ... One happy family)

First, here are some Heroes Season 2 schedule spoilers... NBC is planning an astounding 30 episodes for season 2, up from the usual 23 hours of programming for a typical series. The 30 Heroes season 2 episodes include about 22 regular episodes and 8 character development episodes, which are set to try out new Heroes for inclusion in the Heroes mythology started in series 1 this season.

Now for Peter the exploding man, or is it Sylar, or neither? Promo photos for the past few weeks have featured the big red statue. The Heroes spoilers are that this is at least a part of the big red mass in Nathan’s paintings. The promo photos also are really big on Peter in the exploding man pose – arms extended with quizzical look on his face, as if saying, I’m an exploding man, how do I stop myself!

Heroes Spoilers, Season Finale
(Nathan, Big Red, and Peter's pose)

Peter, from another angle:

(How do I stop myself?)

From one of the Heroes spoilers clips:

Heroes Sylar, Peter in season finale
(Sylar, Peter, Big Red ... Boom)

Peter, How To Stop An Exploding Man, Season 1, Episode 23
(Come on Nathan, give your brother a hand)

The last 5 minutes of the season 1 finale will also be the first 5 minutes of Season 2. This means one of the cliffhangers will be the start of season 2, episode 1, or will set the stage for it. Here are a couple of candidates for finale cliffhangers. There will be others too.

(You can run, but not hide ... from destiny)

One is Hiro in the Shogun era. Several months ago we wrote on the Heroes spoilers painting in stashed away in Linderman’s secret art collection in the Corinthian Las Vegas Hotel ( The painting shown below is of the original owner of Hiro’s magic samurai sword, Takezo Kinsei. This is the same Kinsei of legends Hiro learned when he was young, as he discussed with his father Kaito Nakamura (Sulu - George Takai) in his samurai training session of Landslide - Ep. 22. If as it seems Hiro winds up back in Shogun era Japan, being chased by warriors it confirms speculation that Hiro actually has lived in the past, and was Takezo Kinsei himself.

(Tazezo Kinsei ... Hero or Hiro?)

Notice the warrior’s little beard, just like future Hiro’s. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Molly Heroes Spoilers: Another cliffhanger for the season finale involves Lovable Heroes "tracking system" Molly Walker. Molly winds up with Matt the mind reader, an interesting twist - the tracker has her mind read. She gives a creepy vision into the future. There is one Heroes super – Hero she fears even more than Sylar, the bogeyman who murdered her parents. And why is he so scary? He can see Molly. Here’s Molly in How To Stop An Exploding Man:

The preview Heroes spoilers clip was broadcast after episode 22, and in it Angela promises the inevitability of the bomb going off, and features a half-second teaser of the meeting of Sylar and Peter in the square, in front of the exploding red sculpture:

The long Heroes Spoilers clip below is floating around the Internet. It depicts three scenes from the season 1 finale. In the first clip, ambiguous Angela, mama Petrelli (evil or good?) confirms Linderman is dead, "murdered" as she says. She then lays the bombshell, namely confirming she has been in cahoots with Linderman all along – The plan was not just Linderman’s, she says. So Angela gives Nathan spine, putting her hands on his back and urging him to go forward with the plan and take over the world once the bomb goes off. She treats the explosion as inevitable. The second clip has H.R.G. and Peter Hereos spoilers: H.R.G., Claire the cheerleader’s no longer ambiguous dad, calls Peter. H.R.G. asks Peter to help stop Sylar, while they fix the “tracking system”, i.e. Molly. Interestingly, H.R.G. does not reveal to Peter that the “tracking system” is human. In the third clip, Peter goes to meet his flying ambitious brother Nathan, Claire in tow. Claire already knows Nathan is uncaring, so why should he care about the impending mass deaths? She decides Peter has lied to her, and Peter, using the mind reading ability he absorbed from Matt hears it loud and clear.

DL Heroes Spoilers: In a now week old Heroes spoiler, DL lives. How? The handful of Linderman’s brain, has healing powers and he survived the gunshot, but still is not really all that much better. The NBC promo photo showing DL alive is at the top of this article. DL is there with Jessica/Nikki - the dual personality assassin, Molly - the Heroes finder, and Micah - the election stealing kid.

(Really needs psychotherapy)

Hiro Spoilers: Saving the best for last ... in the end, the Hiro Heroes spoilers are, the wayward samurai warrior makes it to the square of destiny in front of the Big Red sculpture, Daddy Sulu’s sword in hand, carrying out the prophesy of Nathan the future painter.

(Get the point, Sylar ... again)




Kate said...

I don't want to say too much - esp. for those who are on the West Coast and still have not seen it yet - but it was OUTSTANDING.

Any significance with H.R.G. aka Mr. Bennet having the first name Noah?
And hmmm, guess Simone's dad may be back for Season 2 - Generations.

Chris K said...

Thank you to the author of this website, by far the most accurate spoiler blog for Heroes! Good Job!!

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Thanks for the feedback Chris. I and the others helping out with this site try to make it fun and interesting for ourselves, and everyone reading. Accurate too :) !!

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