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Heroes Clues and Spoilers: Season Finale, "How To Stop an Exploding Man"

This is the Heroes Spoilers clues blog for the season finale of Heroes on ABC. Heroes TV, the unexpected hit of 2006 - 2007, now has travelled its full arc and has set the stage with the first minutes of Heroes Season 2 - "Generations". More on Heroes Season 2 spoilers and the Heroes Schedule in the coming weeks. We have plenty of time for that ... but now, let's talk about Season 1, Episode 23, the Season 1 finale of Heroes on NBC TV - "How To Stop An Exploding Man".

(Mission accomplished)

Wasn't that a great episode? Readers of this blog already knew a lot in advance from the earlier Heroes spoilers posts, after all this is a spoilers blog, but let's talk about what we learned, some spoilers for the future, and some of the great quotes of the day.

How about this one from H.R.G.:
"Call me Noah." - H.R.G., Noah Bennett to Peter Petrelli, finally partners.
H.R.G. - Mr. Bennett, Claire's adoptive father, has a name, and it is Noah Bennett. His first name has become a cult speculation throughout Season 1. As promised, Tim Kring and the producers tied up the loose threads, this one included. Personally I do not know if Noah fits that well, but he will be in future episodes and it will grow. Who is Noah? In one definition he is someone who is wise and long lived, or in the bible, the prophet who saved all the living creatures from the apocalyptic flood. Like biblical Noah, H.R.G. ... er... Noah Bennett, was in the future saving some of the Heroes super - heroes.

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Meet Noah Bennett

"You saved the Cheerleader, so WE could save the world" - The super-Heroes brothers Petrelli, Nathan to Peter before launch.

Nathan Heroes Spoilers clues: Ambiguous Nathan was rehabilitated in the end. Last week, he was the uncaring plastic political candidate, whispering doom in Hiro the time-traveller's ear. In the garage in "How To Stop An Exploding Man", he rejects Peter's pleas for help. Yet it was Claire's plea that finally penetrated his soul. Nothing is written in stone he concludes.

Nathan finally gives Peter a helping hand

In the climactic showdown with Sylar, Nathan follows his destiny ... to save the world, just as Linderman and his mother mamma Angela Petrelli expected. Only Nathan did not do it in the way they expected. Instead, with Sylar down, and his daughter Claire about to murder her uncle, Nathan swoops in. His brother, Peter saved the cheerleader once. If Claire pulled the trigger, she would have had it on her conscience forever, unable to lead a normal life - if one is possible for a super Heroes hero healer. So Nathan finally acts like a father and saves her, sacrificing his own life, and saving the world. (Screencap courtesy Heroes the series)

Angela Petrelli, mother of Peter and Nathan, predicts to Charles Deveaux that Peter would survive. The Heroes spoilers are ... Peter is indestructible, and Nathan lives ... maybe :) One theory is that Nathan tosses Peter, Peter explodes and survives (as Angela Petrelli predicts), and Nathan was far away. Another theory is ka-boom, the end. The biggest controversy coming out of the Heroes season finale is why Peter does not just fly by himself, rather than requiring Nathan to do it for him. The Heroes spoilers answer: Pending contract renewal... :)

The Heroes spoilers preview clip of Volume Two - Generations, was the last minutes of the season finale - i.e. Heroes Season 2, Episode 1. After defeating the villain, Hiro pops to the past landing, literally, in the middle Shogun era Japan – chased by samurai warriors, the Heroes helix on the banner of the opposing side. Heroes spoilers eclipse and fade to black.

Molly and Micah Spoilers: Don't Molly and Micah make a cute kid couple? M&M ... It was kiddie love once Micah called the broken elevator. Now Heroes has lovable kids for season two. Clueless Mohinder thinks they are in the clear, but now, lovable Molly spoils that with "He's here". The setup of the season two villain also was Molly's... When I look for him, he sees me ...

More Molly spoilers: Molly is a little creepy, like a cross between Sixth Sense ("I see dead people" ... Molly: "He sees me") and Poltergeist ("They're here" ... Molly: "He's here", referring to Sylar's arrival in Kirby Plaza). Expect Molly to have some ambiguity in Season 2, Generations.

Charles Deveaux, the father of Simone, and the builder of the Deveaux building is like Obi Wan Kenobi - coming to Peter from the grave. He can see invisible people ... at least in their dreams, and the Heroes spoilers - he can see Molly. ... not really.

Hiro the Heroes spoilers clues: Hiro also redeems himself. Not only by carrying out destiny and killing Sylar, but also in two other ways. One, he stands up to his father, George Takai, but with respect, finally learning that to carry out his destiny he needs to understand his own inner strength. So first, he saves Ando, in style. Learning he can move more quickly than Sylar. With Ando saved, and safe back in Tokyo, Japan, Hiro leaves his Kensei samurai sword with Ando, promising to return for it and Ando. He takes Ando's discount sword, teleports to Kirby Plaza New York for the final showdown with Sylar.

Cliffhangers for Heroes season 2:
  • Who is the villain, worse than Sylar?

  • Does Officer Matt the mindreader Parkman die? Lovable but a little creepy Molly needs him. She can't be left alone with Mohinder.

  • Did Sylar really die or is he now a super-bad cockaroach?

  • Who is the blue samurai? Kaito Nakamura, Hiro's dad? Kensei, of legends? Someone who trains Hiro?

Heroes Season 1: Fade To Black



tallshorty said...
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tallshorty said...

Great episode by the way. I can't wait for next season. BUT...

What I don't understand is, why couldn't Peter Petrelli just fly off himself? He has absorbed his brother's flying powers already. That would have been the more obvious choice instead of asking someone to kill him.

Gabriel said...

Great episode? We wait the entire season for a fight between Sylar and Peter, and all Peter does is punch him? Very disapointing...

Jeremiah J. Mitchell said...


Peter said that he absorbed Sylars powers and couldn't control it. He even said, "I can't do anything." Basically he was unable to concentrate enough to fly or use any other powers. He was doing his best to not explode.

Bilge Tutak said...

I was just thinking the same thing: Why Peter is not flying? If he can not fly, he cannot regenerate... So Peter is dead (I don't think so :)). Sylar is not dead it is obvious (he went to the sewer system). Why not make sure he is dead? Take his head of or something...
I am still curios what Angela Petrelli's ability is? I think Jessica and DL will adopt Molly, so practically Micah and Molly will be sister and brother :). And I totally agree with the Peter vs. Sylar suck up fight. Just a couple hits :( (I was expecting something like Matrix Revolutions :)). Finally, I think they still did not prevented the actual explosion. If you remember the bomb goes in day light, between a lot of taxi cabs and everybody was just running away. Maybe it changed, but it might still be a future event. I love the show, I cannot wait to see the second season...

Gabriel said...

I understand that Peter couldn't do anything because he was overloading or whatever, but that's disapointing in itself: Peter can't do anything, ever.

I would not mind if the strong Peter of the future would have fought Future Sylar longer, but since they always cop out and we never got that fight, I expected a show of powers at the end at least.

I wish I could see past that, but they've been teasing us with this for so long only to deny us even in their last hour...

Tony Cannon said...

I wonder with Peter, has he been able to show more than one power at one time? Maybe because the "ted sprague" power was manifesting itself, and he couldn't control it, kept Peter from doing some of his other power, like flying away, or teleporting away...should he have that because he's been around Hiro?

Agreed that the ending was a bit disappointing. The fight scene could have been so cool and still Hiro could have stabbed Sylar to death. But oh well. Great show, great season and I am intrigued about next season.

ebookcentral said...

Sylar survives, at the end you see the blood going down to the sewer and his eyes glaze over like clairs!

TLDietrich said...

Great season and aside from a few minor gripes it was a great season finale.

About the four Heroes in peril (five if you count Sylar):

1) Peter - he can regenerate, so he's probably in the least peril. We already know that Future Peter regenerated after exploding in the alternate timeline. There is no rational reason Peter should not return....aside from contract issues. ;)

BTW, Peter should now have the powers of: Nikki/Jessica and Hiro. (His first encounter w/Hiro was before he was aware of his abilities. He probably absorbed it, but now he should have it for sure.) I would say he was probably too far away from Molly, Micah and DL to acquire their powers, but it is possible.

2) Matt - we know he is on his way to the hospital, so he'll likely get enough care to survive. I suspect he was "shot" and sent to the hospital to explain the weight loss of Greg Grunberg.

3) DL - I have a hunch that he'll be OK. We didn't see him getting any medical attention, but consider that after he was shot, he had "contact" with Linderman. He *should* heal.

4) Nathan - I believe he is dead. The problem is even if he an Peter separated before the explosion, he would have suffered MASSIVE radiation poisoning....and Linderman isn't alive to heal him.

5) Sylar - he's still alive. Remember Isaac's taunting of him? Isaac said he finally figured out how to kill him. Sylar can't regenerate, so I'd expect that he's hurt quite badly, and will still be suffering when we see him next season. I suspect he'll be after two heroes and two heroes alone: Claire and Molly. With their powers, he'd be unstoppable and he knows it.

Additional comments about the Finale:

1) With all the SciFi that Hiro watches, he has never caught a Highlander movie? As soon as he ran through Sylar, withdrew and Sylar dropped to his knees, I shouted: "Take his head!" Its obvious that they wanted Sylar around for next season, so that's why he didn't, but still....

2) I suspect that when we come back to this time period, and see these characters again next season, they'll have gone back to their lives. They may stay in contact, but they haven't formed the Justice League or anything.

3) If the bad man Molly fears is someone we've seen, then it is most likely Charles Deveaux. Think about Peter for a moment. We've seen him dreaming three times this season: at Charles' bedside, on the sidewalk in Texas and on the street in NY. All three dreams were somewhat prophetic, not like Isaac's gift, but more of glimpse. Where did he get this power if not from Charles Deveaux? Charles appeared in Peter's dream, so he's the only one who we've seen who could possibly fit the bill for Molly's new bad guy. With all that said, I suspect it will be someone we haven't met yet.

ebookcentral said...

Great pointers!
Yeah, but Charles died. So how would Molly be able to see him?

Also, with Peter meeting everyone, he is going to be so baddass (haha, Hiro) when he learns to control his powers like he can control his invisibility!

RanRoc said...

I absolutely love this show. But I believe some on you all are not seeing the big picture. The show is about certain individuals path of desitiny. Similar to all other sucessful movies-comics. This show in appearance is similar to the X-Men but has more characteristics of the Star Wars Saga. Let me explain. The lead bad guy is/was not Linderman. The Ultimate bad guy Molly was talking about was Father Petrelli.

It is already a given the Linderman and Father Petrelli use to work together(ie. Professor X and Magnito). But the elder Petrelli use to be on the same page as all of the others with special abilities then something changed. He has been written off as dead. (ie. Anakin/Dark Vadar). But he isn't really dead. He is the one of that everyone will soon fear.

Sylar is Linderman's son. If Linderman knew the future of Nathan-Then he must have also, known that Sylar would kill Nathan and Candice to gain the power that is needed combat the evil that is in the future of the one's with special abilities. According to Linderman-everyone has a role/part to play. (Mika rigging the election, Candice's ability), Nathan's political aspirations. Everyone has played the part with the exception of 2 re-occuring people- Hiro and Peter.

Nathan has more abilities than he either knows about or is willing to accept. He has been in denial the entire season until the last episode. Peter seems like the Luke Skywalker of the series but he has his limitations.

Ted said...

I'm perplexed with how Nathan was able to get close to Peter to hold him and fly off with him. His only power (that we know of) is flying. When Peter was going all radioactive no one could get close to him .. that's the whole reason he gave Claire the responsibility of shooting him - because she's invincible. So it doesn't make sense that Nathan can just walk up, grab him, and fly off with this radioactive guy in his arms. Has anyone else thought of this?

raquelmolina07 said...

^^^ i think that the reason no one was able to get close to ted sprague was because it would have killed them, since claire is able to heal she would be the only one who could get close to him and live through it...

Nathan might have other powers besides flying, but I don't think that was why he got close to peter..
which, btw, I thought that was SUCH a nice touch.. I hated how Nathan was starting to become okay w/ the bomb happening...
I really hope he didn't die though, or that some how he comes back but its really sylar.. just because i think nathan had some issues and it would be interesting.. sad.

oh and about peter and sylar.. i have been wondering why the hell peter hasn't just absorbed sylar's ACTUAL power (his own) and kill sylar that way.. it's weird how they never touched on him absorbing it.. Oh well...

good episode, i wish the ending was a bit more boom instead of just 2 glowing men .. i was expecting some better visuals

TLDietrich said...


I agree on two counts: 1) Pappa Petrelli isn't dead; and 2) he's likely the "new" bad guy;

Here's a list of the prior generation of heroes as far as we currently know for sure:

1) Linderman;

2) Kaito Nakamura;

3) Mama Petrelli;

4) Charles Deveaux.

We can assume from basic genetics (both sons are heroes) that the likelihood is that Papa Petrelli is a hero as well.

Another potential hero is Chandra Suresh. Do I think that's the case,? Probably not, but it remains a possibility given how much Linderman and/or the Company knew about him, his family and his work.

I do think one issue that either Mohinder or Chandra (in a flashback or returned from the dead) should answer is why Sylar was identified as patient zero. Why not Chanti?

Speaking of Sylar ranroc, I think you are on to something with Sylar being Linderman's son. The other possibility is that he's Papa Petrelli's illegitimate son. Although, it seems I recall there have been references to his father being a watchmaker too....

j said...

Why didn't Peter fly up there himself? Remember, Peter's powers can onyl manifest when he thinks of the particular person whose powers he has taken.

On one hand we might say that his loss of confidence in his brother left him unable to fly, but I prefer to think that the moment had taken him, and that he wasn't capable of thinking straight, let alone using another of his powers.

Plot wise, we needed that resolution of their relationship, we needed love to win through against ambition.

Either way, I don't have any problems with that possible plothole.

JSC said...

I, too, thought it would have been sweeter to have a better/ longer fight scene between Peter and Sylar. Like everyone else has said, I was waiting for a big fight between them two only to get let down. They could have had them fight back and forth and just when you thought Peter was going to die (and blow up) Hiro comes in (and being quicker than Sylar) stabs him just like he did.

Here's some thoughts that I have though:
1) Sylar could still be dead or just pretty much almost there. I think there might be a possibility that the really bad guy that Molly is so afraid of dragged Sylar below. While you are watching the ending the voice over mentions (Mohinder's voice) "So much struggle for meaning.. for purpose. And in the end, we only find it in each other, our shared experience of the fantastic and the mundane. The simple human need to find our kindred, to connect, to know in our hearts that we are not alone." I wonder if they are hinting at something.

2)Out of all the painting that Issac painted, there is only one that has not come to fruition. (See interactive novel on NBC's website, number 8 "Issac's First Time") Interesting to notice that you see this picture every now and then throughout the whole season. (ie. Hiro's computer screen when we first meet him) Could this huge red "thing" be the big bad guy that Molly doesn't want to find?

3)What about this baby that Matt Parkman's wife has? Is it really Matt's or is it his partner's from when they were having an affair? If it is Matt's, could this baby have something "special"?

Just a couple thoughts.

Anner said...

I have another question? Why would the cheerleader have a problem with killing peter? He can heal himself, and when he is shot he doesnt concentrate in his nuclear ability anymore and can heal himself then...
why did she seem to have a problem shooting him?
also when he exploded in the sky wouldnt all the new yorkers die anyway, because its a nuclear bomb?

Robert said...

What I am intrigued by is the cockroach image throughout season 1. Mohinder first mentioned cockroaches at the beginning, when he talked about evolution to his class. As we saw Sylar's blood trail leading to the manhole at the end of the last episode, we also see a lone cockroach crawling around that hole. There was also a scene that included a cockroach and Sylar during his incarceration by Noah's folks in one of the mid-season episodes. So...what's the cockroach significance?

boxsweeper said...
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