Monday, May 14, 2007

Heroes Clues and Spoilers: "Landslide", Chapter 22

This is the Heroes Spoilers clues blog for the second to final episode of Heroes Season 1. It was quite a roll for Heroes. Its opening season and a huge hit for NBC TV. The season has been building, from character introductions, discovery and now convergence for the final battle in New York, like a disturbing reprise of 9/11. The battle has begun, with the grand finale in one week, with "How To Stop An Exploding Man", Heroes season 1, episode 23.

Sulu - Training Hiro to become a Hero

In Landslide it is no spoiler that flying Heroes anti-hero Nathan Petrelli, the man who sold out to Linderman, wins the election by, of course, a "Landslide" ... From 36% to 64% in a matter of seconds - courtesy of Micah the magic vote rigging kid.

Best Heroes Quote:
Didn't I throw you out a window?
- Jessica / Nikki to Matt The Mindreader.

Notice how Linderman just does not get it? Before he lost his head, literally, he thought there was nothing that motivated a mother more than money. Tsk tsk. Forgot about protecting your babies – child and husband. On top of that blood is thicker than water ... Jessica, the greedy bad half of the Jessica/Nikki dual personality, simply cannot kill her good sister's (Nikki's) family. So, D.L. redeems himself in almost death, and takes Linderman’s bullet for Jessica/Nikki. ... So sad. D.L. lives to fight another day.

The irony is that Linderman had set in motion the events leading to the cataclysm in New York, yet he will not live to see it. Linderman thought he would be able to “heal”, meaning dominate, the world using Nathan as his tool. Turns out more powerful events have lead to his own death, and to Sylar taking over.

The key to the season finale of course will be stopping Sylar, as we have known all along.

Landslide ends with Sylar lording over New York atop the tower, uttering a controlled “boom”. No Linderman in sight to “heal”. So, the stage is set - either the bleak future owned by Sylar is realized, or Sylar is stopped. We will know the answer next week and the Heroes Spoilers are that there will be a lot of mayhem and destruction, but Sylar never becomes President.

Molly the Heroes locator returned in this episode, and stole the show. Mohinder now has restored her power, only to learn that Thompson (Eric Roberts) had no interest in her ability to locate and stop Sylar. After all, Thompson's and Linderman's plan is that Sylar will cause the explosion. No need to stop him. So, yet again, Mohinder is clueless, and ironically, he knocks out Matt, who also tends towards cluelessness. The Heroes spoilers are that Mohinder, Matt and H.R.G. team up to help Molly escape.



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I did too... Can't wait for the finale and cliffhanger.

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Was watching Martha Stewart today (don't ask, it was my wife's choice...) and Matt was on the show. He did mention that the last 3 minutes of the Finale are the first 3 minutes of next season... So that's something.