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Heroes Spoilers: Landslide, Season 1, Episode 22

This is the Heroes Spoilers blog for episode 22 of Heroes season 1 on NBC TV. The Heroes schedule is winding down to the grand season finale, as the superheroes continue converging on New York, one week before the explosion, and not coincidentally, also one week before the season-ending episode. As usual, Heroes spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you do not want to know the future of Heroes, blah ... blah ... blah ...

Heroes TV Show Spoilers - Nakamura-Hiro spoilers

As we put in the Heroes Spoilers clues post for "The Hard Part", all is not lost for Hiro. After all, he still has the Force behind him, ... no ... wrong movie ... he has Star Trek's Sulu, George Takai, playing Kaito Nakamura, Hiro's billionaire Dad. Hiro is stunned to learn that his father is a Heroes superhero also. Not only that, but he has the real super samurai sword, and now is the time for Hiro to learn how to use it. Hiro's trek in America has proven his worth to his father, so Sulu starts training Hiro to be a samurai, like Obi Wan trains Luke Skywalker. See one of the Heroes Spoilers clips below.

Nathan and Peter Spoilers: Their mother Petrelli plays a big role in this episode, and we learn their father's super power.

Nathan, Linderman and Micah Spoilers: As we expected a while ago, Linderman persuades Micah to control the voting machines to help Nathan win the election. The polls have Nathan trailing, but although correct are made to seem incorrect by Micah's intervention. Nathan wins in a Landslide, hence the name of the episode - Landslide. With the Heroes heroes all gathered in New York, and Nathan victorious, the scene is set for the final battle, which begins at the episode end, and concludes with the season finale, "How to Stop an Exploding Man".

The U.S. official NBC Heroes Spoilers preview clip for the Landslide episode is different from the Canadian. Here is the U.S. preview:

Here is the Canadian Heroes preview, which starts out with the traditional balloon drop following Nathan's landslide election victory:

There are Heroes spoilers sneak peaks floating around the Internet for this episode, and here is a good one. In the first clip, H.R.G. and Claire discuss family matters - he wants to destroy the Primatech Paper tracking system, so he and Claire can lead a "normal life". The second clip has Nathan pre-election talking to his staff about a post-election announcement. Hiro runs up with Ando, trying to get Nathan to help stop the bomb. Even though Hiro reveals to Nathan that he has a bad future, Nathan declines to help - "I can't stop it, Nobody can ... Pleasure to see you. Thanks for your support". Hiro realizes Nathan already is a villain. In the final clip, Linderman reveals to Nathan that his father had a "power", but gave up trying to help the world, Linderman says, "your father was weak". Nathan, "My father was my Hero."

NBC has released its official pre-broadcast press release, with a few reveals:

Poised to become a member of Congress and maybe more, Nathan considers the cost to those he loves, along with his mother's (guest star Cristine Rose) advice and Linderman's (guest star Malcolm McDowell, "Entourage,""A Clockwork Orange") prophecy. As he prepares to face Sylar (guest star Zachary Quinto) to the death, Hiro learns of his lineage from his father (guest star George Takei, "Star Trek").

Hiro learns that his father has powers, and has been watching Hiro's development, judging whether Hiro is prepared to accept the burden of the family secrets.

While various "heroes" fatefully arrive in New York City, Peter and Ted attempt to leave the city before the foretold explosion. H.R.G. and Matt learn the surprising truth behind the tracking system used on people with special abilities.

Peter and Ted think that if they can leave New York, the explosion will be averted. The spoiler is, of course they do not leave. That would be too easy to be the dramatic solution.


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