Monday, May 7, 2007

Heroes Clues and Spoilers: Season 1, Episode 21, "The Hard Part"

This is the Heroes TV Show Spoilers clues article on what we learned in “The Hard Part”, Heroes season 1, episode 21. As Spider-Man 3 debuted this weekend, we are hurtling quickly to the grand finale of Heroes – “How To Stop An Exploding Man”. We have some Heroes spoilers on that episode, but more on it later. For now, The Hard Part …

(Get the point Sylar)

The gathering of storm clouds over New York continues in this episode, as the Heroes super heroes, good and bad, converge on New York. Ted, H.R.G., clueless Matt, Claire. The not-so-spoiler – y spoiler is that they all have to arrive in time for the finale, episode 23. …

Molly Walker is introduced in greater depth in the Hard Part. Remember her? She is the girl whose parents were executed by Sylar in “Don’t Look Back”, all the threads coming together now. Her father was killed by Sylar for his powers, and no surprise is that Molly too is blessed. Molly can locate Heroes super heroes, anyone anywhere. However her superpower is blocked by a lethal virus – so rare that only one other person was afflicted, Mohinder’s sister. Mohinder carries the antibodies to cure Molly in her blood, and finally Mohinder has a real purpose, other than helping megalomaniac “President” Sylar of the future, of course. Mohinder still is clueless though, since saving Molly only serves to enable the evil Linderman's tracking program.

Molly’s virus is so complicated that Linderman’s super-healing power cannot save her. Hmmmmmm plot hole detector ringing.

Poor conflicted Sylar. He had a really tough home life didn’t he? Hiro was not yet future hero. He has sympathy for Sylar and misses his chance to stop him. Hiro has a lot of maturing to do before he is a true superhero. Symbolically and in reality his sword is broken. The Heroes spoilers are: have no fear the sword he has been carrying around all the time is a replica. Sulu to the rescue and his dad has a sword to make Hiro reach his real destiny.

Sylar’s mother turns out to be almost crazy, but not quite. She has the insight to kill her own son when she sees the emptiness of his soul. Unfortunately, he turns her scissors on her and she dies. Sylar paints another explosion painting, in her blood. Macabre.

Yet she is the one who plants the plan in Sylar’s brain, “If you wanted you could be President”. Indeed.

Nathan, oh Nathan. Just when everyone thought you might be a good guy after all, you turn in your own brother. Peter wanted to stop Ted the radioactive guy. Of course stopping him would mean no explosion and Nathan would not become President. Instead of calling the FBI, Nathan tattles on Peter and calls Linderman. Thomson commends Nathan for making one unspoken sacrifice. The Heroes spoilers blog spoiler here is the sacrifice is the death of his own brother Peter in the explosion not stopped because Ted the radioactive guy is not stopped.

Sylar is not the only one with a mother problem. Mamma Angela Petrelli turns out to be a bad guy as we knew all along. She has been in league with Linderman all along after all. She finally reveals her complicity in pursuit of Linderman’s dream of global domination … er … uniting the world.

Neither Nathan nor Angela realize the grand plan is for Sylar to kill Nathan and become President.

And for the big Heroes spoilers clue reveal , Peter meets Ted Sprague, the radioactive guy. Now Peter has the radioactive ability, and of course cannot control it. How do you stop an exploding man? The little Heroes spoilers here is that he does manage to control the radioactive power.



Mike said...

I wonder what Angela's power is?

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I'm wondering what Sylar's mom's power is... or was?