Thursday, May 3, 2007

Heroes Spoilers - "The Hard Part" - Season 1, Episode 21

With three episodes remaining in Heroes Season 1, the schedule is winding quickly down to the grand finale in New York (filmed in L.A.). Episode 21 is "The Hard Part" and this is the Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog for the episode.

By the way, before we start, the NBC spinmeisters already are promising amazing twists and turns in Season 2 of Heroes. A number of episodes will focus more closely on a single character, like the "Company Man" episode in Season 1 focused on Mr. Bennett, aka H.R.G.

The big spoilers reveal is that Sylar goes home to mommy in this episode. He is conflicted and tells her everything about his superpowers and how he gets them. She tries to kill him, but of course that does not work. Hiro also confronts Sylar at the same time and tries to use the magic samurai sword on him. Doesn't work - yet.

Here is the official NBC TV Heroes spoilers preview clip for the episode, but there is a lot more below. This preview clip reveals "Molly" the new child hero who Thomson (Eric Roberts) says is the only person who can stop Sylar:

The Canadian preview focuses more on Sylar Heroes spoilers, but is a bit misleading about what really happens with him:

Two scene clip spoilers are released that shed a lot of light on what is going on in The Hard Part. In one, Matt the clueless mind reader is on his mission with H.R.G. to knock out Linderman's Primatech Paper heroes tracker in New York. He decides to take a time out to call his wife on his unsecured cell phone. Clever ... huh? Fortunately, he does not need to rely on his own brain for survival, since newly lovable H.R.G. is there and tells him to hang up. In the other Heroes spoilers clip, Sylar calls also clueless Mohinder to try and get some help. It seems he's learned that he will blow up New York from Isaac the future painter's paintings. We do not know if it is a trick by Sylar to get his hands on Mohinder and his list. However, we do know that in the future Sylar posing as Nathan the President has teamed up with Mohinder in a big way. So it would not be so startling to learn that Sylar is trying to court Mohinder in the present time too. After all, Mohinder has the list and is pretty manipulable, and Sylar is the master manipulator. Anyway, Sylar hears Mohinder dialing 911 (the police) using his super hearing power and plan aborted for the moment. Also, Peter tries to talk Claire out of hiding out in Paris until the election. The Heroes spoilers are that Claire does not leave and is around for the explosion.

As usual, NBC TV has put out an official Heroes spoilers press release, that has some interesting reveals:

No surprise there.

Now knowing what’s at stake if they fail in their mission, Hiro and Ando’s determination to save the world is put to the test. Committed to the path, Nathan takes some surprising steps to guarantee his election. Jessica (Ali Larter) and D.L. (Leonard Roberts) begin to learn how their family fits into Linderman’s plans. Thompson (Eric Roberts ...) brings someone new into his company’s fold. With more and more blood on his hands, Sylar visits his mom ...

And Mom does not like what she hears...


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