Monday, April 30, 2007

Heroes Spoilers Clues - Five Years Later / String Theory, Season 1, Episode 20

This is the five years in the future Heroes TV spoilers blog and clues blog for Heroes String Theory, aka Five Years Later - Heroes season 1, episode 20 from NBC TV. It was a grim look at the future, but the Heroes spoilers are that it was a string theory working the plan to kill Sylar drawn by Isaac the future painter - finally a hero.

Best dialog - Ando and Hiro: Go talk to yourself ... No way ... I scare me.

Chapter 20 was about the future as drawn by Isaac. Although the bomb had exploded (Peter did it, so he thinks), the string of time is still playing out. Isaac drew Mohinder injecting the Haitian in the neck. At the critical time, Mohinder does that, fulfilling his destiny and redeeming his soul. The next part of the future string is Hiro stabbing Sylar, and the Heroes spoilers are that the remaining episodes will follow the path to that critical event.

(Peter meets Sylar)

In the "future" we see who turns out good, and who is bad. The easy one is Matt the clueless mind reader, both bad and clueless 'till the end, doing the bidding of the evil "President" who turns out to be Sylar disguised as Nathan. He kidnaps Claire and hand delivers her to Nathan/Sylar. The Haitian mind eraser also seems to be in league with Matt. Mohinder is pretty ambiguous. Clueless, until the end, when he carries out his destiny. Who was good? HRG - Mr. Bennett - surprise! He saves some kids with powers from Matt. Nikki/Jessica, Peter Petrelli the power sponge, Hana the Israeli Mossad super spy.

The final three episodes are:

  • The Hard Part
  • Landslide
  • How To Stop An Exploding Man - The season 1 finale of Heroes

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    Gabriel said...

    Why would Matt be unable to read the president(Sylar)'s mind and know he is Sylar?

    The teasing of fights between Peter and Sylar is getting pathetic. It is an insult to fans who are obviously craving to see such a fight.

    HeroesSavor said...

    It was so pathetically obvous that NBC was trying to equate President Sylar policies with opposition to the war on terror and rounding up the "Heroes" with the illegal immigration issue. Whatever happened to legitimate entertainment? They will kill off the ratings if they keep this up. This episode gets two thumbs down.

    Greg said...

    Heroessavor: Although I can see how someone might get the impression that NBC was pushing a "liberal" agenda in this episode given the current political climate, I think that there are good reasons to doubt that this is the case. In particular, as a show that is clearly inspired by superhero comic books, I think that it is more likely that the episode was intended to pay homage to and recreate themes in comic books that have been prevalent since before the current debates concerning terrorism and immigration. For instance, the Marvel comics universe has a long-standing plotline in which superheroes are feared and there is a strong sentiment among the non-superpowered population to round them up, exterminate them, and/or limit their freedoms. As I understand it, DC has recently made moves in this direction as well.

    In addition, I think that besides the obvious motivation that NBC had to recreate comic book themes in this episode, it would not be surprising to me if the writers of "Heroes" simply thought through the implications of a superpowered nuclear explosion in New York City given the current political climate. It is my impression that the plausible outcome of such an event would be something like the world that was portrayed in last night's episode.

    Anyway, on another topic, I would like to state wht my current thoughts are concerning this season's major plotline. First thought: Future Hiro succeeded when he sent Peter to save Claire. If he had not sent Peter, then Sylar would have exploded in NYC and pretty much the same future would have happened (except for certain details--for instance, Claire would have been dead). Second thought: Currently, things are on track so that it will now be Peter who explodes in NYC. The only thing that will stop such an event is intervention by time-travelling Hiro, who has now seen the future (although, unfortunately, Peter was unable to tell Hiro that he was the bomb before Hiro travelled back to his own time). Third thought: The title of the last two episodes of this season, "How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?", has a double meaning. The first meaning deals with stopping Peter from blowing up NYC. The second meaning deals with the Company stopping Ted Sprague from blowing up their tracking system. How Peter will be stopped from blowing up NYC is yet to be seen. However, I have heard that, at the very least, their will be an explosion on the season finale. So, I suspect that the Company will be unsuccessful in trying to stop Ted. That is all.

    julian said...

    How can I watch the first episode if I don't have a liverpool school account?
    Many thanks