Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spoilers For Heroes: String Theory - Five Years In the Future

This is the Heroes Spoilers blog spoilers update for Heroes TV season 1, episode 20 on NBC TV. As usual, stop reading if you do not want to know the future of Heroes, and we really mean it ... literally five years in the future.

The big Heroes Spoilers for this episode were pretty obvious at the end of last week's episode. ... Hiro and Ando jumped five years into the future to escape the clutches of evil Linderman's henchmen - all with Hiro's magic samurai sword. They landed atop the Devereaux building to see the apocalyptic aftermath of the bombing in the grand finale of season 1. Of course the grand finale has not yet taken place, so all may change.

This episode takes us to the future and we learn all about what may have happened, like Nathan in the house, in power. Superheroes in this bleak future are the enemy, being hunted and tracked ... just what Linderman and Primatech Paper had been doing in the present.

Here is the official U.S. Heroes spoilers preview from NBC:

And the Canadian preview takes a different approach, with Mohinder, Nathan and Sylar:

Here are some Heroes spoilers clips. Hiro and Ando find future Ando and find future Hiro's time line. Showing the aftermath of Sylar's bomb. Another clip shows future Hiro teamed up with future HRG, and future HRG, who is hiding future Heroes from capture. In the last clip, future Hiro and past Ando are speaking. Ando died in the past, so future Hiro has fought his battles alone. Not nearly as much fun as it would have been with Ando alive.

From the official NBC Heroes Spoilers press release:

Thrown five years in the future, Hiro and Ando discover that people with extraordinary abilities are not only widely known about,after the destruction of New York City and the deaths of millions, but are being registered, imprisoned, hunted and even killed as "terrorists." As the President takes his first step towards a "final solution," the pair get swept up in what could be the "Heroes" final battle and encounter a range of new and darkly familiar faces. If they survive the experience, can they still get back to the present and save the world?


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