Monday, April 23, 2007

Heroes Spoilers Clues: Chapter 19 - ".07%",

The Heroes schedule has resumed and the Heroes Spoilers blog is here as NBC starts the countdown to save the world. ...

".07%" is the cryptic title of Heroes TV episode 19, Season 1, and this is the Heroes TV Show Spoilers and clues blog with some of the twists and turns of this episode.

Another day on the job for Jessica / Nikki, Candace style.

What's in a number, namely "0.07%"? That is the percentage of the entire world's population to be killed in the big explosion if Linderman has his way. Looking at our trusty calculator, that means 4,500,000 people. Hmmm. Not much if you are a super healing super hero.

Linderman Heroes Spoilers: As we already knew, the evil Mr. Linderman reveals his healing superpower ... fertilizer to make plants grow ... no ... seriously, he is a healer, with the ability to heal injuries, or maybe even bring back the dead. He demonstrates the power by reviving a dead orchid. The not so surprising Heroes spoiler is that Linderman has no intention to use his super healing power to save the 4.5 million people killed in the explosion. These deaths will be stepping stones for Nathan in Linderman's plan to "unite" the world, i.e. take over.

Nathan is not yet persuaded to the plan. He does want to win the election, but his sense of morality is holding him back from using death and destruction as the means to that end. Newspaper clippings saved by future Hiro shows that Nathan does implement the plan. However that reading of the future can be changed in the season 1 grand finale.

Sylar Heroes Spoilers: Sylar the brain eater has a vulnerability. Map boards. Peter Petrelli the Heroes power sponge flings Sylar across the room and whap, when he least expects it Mohinder, off the ceiling, zings him with the map board. Sylar down for the count, but not out.

Micah and Candace the Shape Shifter Heroes Spoilers: Candace is baaaaaaaad. Candace fools everyone posing as Nikki / Jessica and gets Micah for Linderman. Linderman’s plan also becomes clearer. The Heroes spoilers are that plan is to get Nathan elected using vote rigging, with Micah controlling the counting machines. Then, he will use the chaos resulting from the predicted explosion in New York (actually filmed in Los Angeles) to bring Nathan to prominence – as resolute demagogue in a time of crisis.

Peter is unconscious after fighting Sylar. His healing power does not seem to be working - the glass shard blocking the superpower part of his brain. Fortunately, Mrs. Petrelli has Claire the super Heroes healing cheerleader, and she comes close, pulls out the glass, Peter absorbs her healing power and is healed.

Matt the mindreader still is pretty clueless. Fortunately, he has HRG to be the brains. They break out of Linderman's underground prison at the Primatech Paper paper facility, taking Ted the radioactive guy in tow. Their plan is to go to New York and destroy Linderman's tracking system. Of course that will take another of the key players - Ted - to New York, for the potential explosion. After all, it is a radioactive explosion and Ted is the radioactive source. Claire and Nathan already are there, in Mrs. Petrelli's townhouse. Sylar already is there, in Isaac's studio. Hiro is there, but in the future. Storm clouds gathering ...



Hwalk said...

This was a really cool episode this week and I am really excited for next week's episode.

Slippy said...

You said "he is a healer, with the ability to heal injuries, or maybe even bring back the dead. He demonstrates the power by reviving a dead orchid."

Not to be pedantic, but this bit of misinformation is spreading fast.

Linderman CANNOT bring back the dead. His healing ability, and it's inherent limitations were explicitly described in the "War Buddies" graphic novels!