Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Heroes Returns: More .07% Spoilers

Finally the Heroes schedule is set to resume on April 23, with chapter 19 of season 1 of Heroes TV on NBC. A lot of spoilers clips are working their way around the Internet and here are some of the more interesting we found.

From NBC is a clip of Eric Roberts, Creepy Candace the shape-shifter and poor HRG in HRG's cell. Roberts is threatening to kill HRG and is waiting for "orders" to do so. Candace tries the sympathy approach by posing as Claire in her Cheerleading outfit. Doesn't work on clever HRG:

Here is a recent NBC Heroes spoilers trailer for the remaining 5 episodes. A lot of clips of the upcoming episodes, including Isaac the painter of the future lying on the ground just before he gets killed saying finally I get to be a Hero.

Two long spoilers-light clips setting the scene, light on spoilers, but reminding us that Peter still has a confrontation to do with Sylar. Ando and Hiro get to see the future, and we will see that in .07% his resolve to increased save the world on his mission. Big Heroes spoilers are Linderman (of Corinthian Las Vegas Hotel fame) heals a dead plant - super healing powers - to heal others, not necessarily himself. Linderman tells Nathan all about the future explosion and urges him to use his abilities to help save the world.


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