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Heroes Spoilers Clues: "Parasite", Season 1, Episode 18

Heroes Spoilers clues summary: Meet the shape-shifter, Ando's rousing return, samurai-sword-meet-Hiro, Hiro-meet-samurai-sword, Nathan a heartbeat away, Linderman in the house, Mohinder finally gets a clue then gets stapled to the ceiling, and Peter Petrelli gets sliced ... details below.

Most revealing Heroes spoilers quote:

"What they will do not even you can recover from." The Haitian to Claire.
"Don't worry I know how to play dumb". Sandra Bennett (Mrs. H.R.G.) not as vacant as previously deceived.

Peter gets sliced ... But is he diced?

This is the Heroes TV Show Spoilers and clues episode summary of the interesting twists and turns for Heroes "Parasite" - Season 1, Episode 18 of Heroes on NBC TV. The Heroes schedule is set and Heroes returns next on April 23. We have a backlog of Heroes spoilers and will roll them out over the coming weeks. Episode summary continues below ...

Candace Heroes Spoilers: Sly creepy Candace makes a rousing entrance in to the Heroes universe as a the new illusionist, shape-shifter Heroes hero. Candace is on the Primatech Paper team of fame - with Eric Roberts, a slew of thugs, and soon Matt the mind reader too - as soon as his attitude is adjusted.

Clearly Sandra Bennett (“Mrs.”) is back strong, but which one? First time when H.R.G. confides in her, she was the real one, with her memories in tact this time. She has been playing H.R.G. for a long time. One thing is for sure, she is not dumb. Second time we see Mrs. Bennett, it is really sly Candace. She extracts a confession from H.R.G. - he really remembers Claire - and in comes the Primatech Paper crew to "clean up". The spoilers - y conclusion is, we will see H.R.G. after the break, in custody.

Mr. Muggles Heroes Spoilers: Mr. Muggles is on vacation this week, but not his bark. Sandra Bennett has her cell phone set to "ring" with a Mr. Muggles sound. The clue to creepy Candace was, her cell phone rings, not barks. We will see more of Mr. Muggles :)

Cleaning up spoilers clues: Nathan calls police on Isaac, to clean up Peter's mess (involvement in Simone's death), Isaac calls H.R.G. for help to clean up the Simone mess, Sylar calls Isaac to eat his brain, messy. It turns out clever Candace arrives as Simone, diverting the police, and the Primatech Paper clean up crew comes later.

Isaac Heroes Spoilers: Isaac the painter takes some heroin again and paints his own death. His head is sliced open, just like the future Hiro saw - confirmation that Isaac's future does not change.

Hiro and Ando Heroes Spoilers: Unlike Isaac, Hiro can and will change the future. Oh by the way, what a rousing return of Ando, huh? At the moment of peril, they grab the samurai sword, Hiro has his confidence back, and he leaps with Ando to the future. They arrive on top of the Devereaux Building (appropriately French) where they spy a corner of Manhattan - New York City - bombed out. Looks too small to be an A-bomb much less an H-bomb. But a lot of destruction anyway. However, Heroes Season 1 is all about changing that vision of the future. Episode 20 spoilers (coming up April 30): takes place at that time 5 years in the future. Fasten your seat belt for the wild ride. From the scene shown above, with reconstruction, it looks like Hiro at least had some success in reducing the scope of the explosion, so far.

Angella Petrelli and Haitian Heroes Spoilers and Clues: Angela Petrelli is the mother of Heroes - Peter and Nathan, and Claire’s grandmother. Angela is in charge, at least of the Haitian - and has been working to protect Claire all along, with the Haitian as her mole in the Primatech Paper team. This is the second time she appeared, and her secret power is … well to speak bad French. Zap it into the super instantaneous Heroes Spoilers translator and out comes … "At least she’ll be safe now, but no thanks to you [Mr. Haitian]". The Haitian’s says, "I did everything I could; she would have found her own path eventually". After all … Save the Cheerleader … Save the World. We must save Claire’s memories. Done … saved her from team Primatech Paper. Next the world, at the end of Heroes Season 1.

Claire Heroes Spoilers clues: Claire tells the Haitian, "Peter Petrelli is the only person I can trust." Peter will not be the person blowing up the world, as in his dream. Peter can be trusted. Another Claire Heroes super power is revealed ... she can pick pockets ;)

Jessica / Nikki: Finally Nikki comes out in the Nick of time and Nathan is saved from sure assassination by Jessica. Unfortunately the two FBI agents were not so fortunate.
It's so much easier working with professionals - Jessica
Nikki tips off husband D.L. that something is wrong with his lovely wife. The spoilers are, D.L. goes on her trail.

Invisible Peter spoilers clues: Isn’t invisibility neat? Peter is the proverbial fly on the wall now that he learned invisibility from Claude (Dr. Who). He's in the room with Nathan getting wired by federal agents. This is a transformation experience, as finally Nathan is furthering the common good.

Nathan makes his way to Linderman, and instead of turning him in or shooting, he makes a deal with the devil to become "a heartbeat away" from President ... or does he? So Nathan's future is to become Congressman, then when the bomb goes off so many people die, that Nathan moves up on the order of succession to the presidency.

And, the best for last: The Heroes TV show spoilers blog has referred to Mohinder as "clueless", deservedly. He remains clue-less to the end. It almost looks like he catches on and poisons Sylar. Ooops, he forgot to check the IV tube, and Sylar pops loose. Last we see of Mohinder is he's on the ceiling, for the Peter Petrelli Power Sponge Heroes Spoilers ... Sylar is getting ready to eat Peter’s yummy brain.

Cliffhanger spoilers: Does Peter live? Has Claude helped him to gain sufficient control over all his powers? Does he remember Claire’s super-healing power in time? YES, Peter lives to fight another day.

Ok, Spider-man 3 really isn't part of Heroes, or is it? This week NBC teamed up the Heroes comic book series with the Spider-man 3 comic book movie, a match made in spoilers heaven...

NBC provided a 24 hour open window into the Spiderman 3 universe: Click to view the NBC Spider-man 3 spoilers video. Heroes meet superhero. The preview provided some neat clues about the upcoming blockbuster. The Spider-man 3 spoilers are that Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) has a breathtaking chase scene with his nemesis Eddie Brock. In Spider-man 3, Spidey is altered by an alien organism and wears the grey spiderman suit.

Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man love spoilers:



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-We know Peter lives because we know he is alive in the future. And now we know how peter gets his scar.
-What's going to happen with Micah? When will his powers really come out to play?
-Not a fan of's almost too easy.
-Proud of Mohinder, I wonder what will happen with him.
-Excited for the "future" episode(s), should be revealing.

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