Friday, March 9, 2007

Heroes Season 2 Spoilers

Heroes Spoilers: Season 2

The break until Heroes Season 1, Episode 19 (coming April 23) provides an opportunity to post a bit on Season 2 spoilers for Heroes.

Heroes has an advantage of seeing a lot of other serialized dramas come and go. So it can choose among the good or the bad techniques from lessons learned.

For Season 1, Heroes will be a self-contained story unit. The season is working its way to the conclusion, of the climactic event of the explosion in New York City. Will it happen or not, and how do the Heroes heroes work together to avoid it, or cause it to happen? That is the story line for Heroes Season 1.

For Heroes Season 2 spoilers, a new story line and new objective will be rolled out. This will make Season 2 a self-contained unit like Season 1. Some of the Heroes characters we like will end in Season 1, and others will emerge, both in the last episodes of Season 1, and in Season 2.

One spoiler is for sure, there are thousands of people in the Heroes world who posses super powers, or who will discover their powers. This will keep the Heroes characters fresh for as long as we are interested.

But what about lovable Hiro? The Heroes season 2 spoilers on Hiro and his complex family are, that Hiro definitely will return for Season 2. Hiro the hero has become a phenomena and there is no way NBC will fire him!

This TV series model is similar to 24. Think Jack Bauer. Nothing can kill him, just like Hiro.



Deanna_L_88 said...
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monkay_girl4life said...

what about peter pettrelli? he was my favorite and he was HOTT. will he come back in season 2?

goldengurlNOT1991 said...

I totally agree with monkay_girl4life! please don't kill off Peter!!!

dfromm said...

i just need to know two things 1.)they had 30 episodes planned for season 2 and ended early because of the writers strike are they going to really end it that early or will they come back to it after the strike and if so when? 2.) when does the spinoff start? i am going through withdraws when will i see heroes again?