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Heroes Spoilers: "Parasite", Season 1, Episode 18

Updated: New Heroes spoilers added from Judith. (March 5)

This is the Heroes TV Spoilers blog for "Like A Parasite", Heroes Chapter 18, season 1. What might that parasite be, and who is like it? And also, our standard disclaimer is … Heroes spoilers ahead so if you want to remain in suspense until Mondays, you know blah blah blah stop reading now. …

This is a major cliffhanger episode. Think as big as, ... does Sylar kill Peter or visa versa. The new Heroes episode is six weeks later on April 23. To make up for the hiatus, NBC TV invites Heroes fans to log on after the broadcast to, and watch a 6-minute preview of Spiderman 3 - Heroes the blockbuster introducing a new comic book superhero blockbuster. Spiderman of course features Peter Parker (initials P.P. like Peter Petrelli) and his alter-ego Spiderman.

Now to the episode Heroes Spoilers: This episode gets us back to Heroes' comic relief superhero Hiro, and his quest for the sword. Read our earlier posts to see the sword in Linderman's private collection at Scroll down or follow this link to Hiro Heroes Samurai Sword Spoilers at Corinthian Hotel. Comic Hiro meets up with flying straight man Nathan and the inevitable Japanese - English language gap shows up. Nyuk nyuk.

Nathan Heroes Spoilers: How exactly do Hiro and Nathan meet up? Well, heading to the same place in Las Vegas, Linderman's inner sanctum. Law enforcement agents want to put a wire on Nathan in order finally to get enough evidence on Linderman's corruption. Peter, using Claude's invisibility power, hears the whole conversation, like a fly on the wall. Likewise, Linderman is not stupid and knows the plan, so it is destined to fail. Nathan is heading to meet up with his backer in order to come back from trailing by 4% in his election race. Linderman can close the gap, for a price.

As readers of this Heroes Spoilers blog knew weeks ago, Linderman has taken out a hit on Nathan and Jessica the dual personality assassin is tracking him down. Nathan evades her, and gets throught to Linderman who confronts him. Either die of become President, what a choice? We know from the secret Nathan painting at that Nathan winds up in the White House. Whether the painting means he wins his election and eventually becomes President of the United States is unclear. What is clear is that at least he gets to stand on the carpet at the White House.

Linderman Heroes Spoilers: We see Linderman - a parasite - for the first time, in a nicely tailored suite, white hair and trimmed beard. Here is a preview with some nice teasers, including Linderman:

Hiro and Ando Heroes Spoilers: Did you see Ando in the promo? He has a badge. Looks like Hiro superhiro is not alone after all. Daddy Sulu would not permit that. Hiro lays hands on the samurai sword and starts regaining his Heroes superpower confidence. Indeed Hiro and Ando are teaming up again both transport to the future to escape danger at the hands of Linderman's thugs. Also it looks like Simone can take a lickin' but keep on tickin'.

Mohinder and Sylar Heroes Spoilers: Well, Mohinder progresses but maybe not as clue - less as always. He is determined to lead Sylar to thousands of Heroes super power heroes. He now has his genius dad's computer program running and he can locate the people with powers using the program. Sylar of course is eager like a little puppy dog to help out. Sylar smells brains, yummy. Mohinder also takes a blood sample from Sylar. What it reveals, could lead either to his demise and the end of the buddy trek.

Sylar and Peter Petrelli Heroes Spoilers: Sylar tracks down the superhero with the tastiest of brains, Peter Petrelli.

Here are some pretty revealing spoilers clips from the episode, which is on YouTube via Access Hollywood, including:

  • Peter and Isaac Heroes Spoilers in the aftermath of Isaac's reckless shooting of Simone

  • H.R.G. being de-briefed by his boss played by Eric Roberts. H.R.G. has had a lot of his memories zapped by the Haitian mind eraser super hero. The big spoiler... H.R.G. originally declined to adopt Claire, but he did and now is protecting her.

  • The Feds and Nathan hatching a plan to frame Linderman

  • Still clueless Mohinder and puppy dog "can my DNA help?" Sylar,

  • Hiro meets Nathan again

  • Claire and the Haitian... Claire wants to track down Peter Petrelli, the "only man" she can trust.

The "official" spoilers press release from NBC has some different information this week. As usual these press releases from the network are meant to be teasers, and sometimes contain misdirection, so take them, and any spoilers with a grain of salt:


This means, we see Linderman for the first time. Isaac makes a new painting and it's unsettling. And, Hiro can travel to the future, thanks Judith from Heroes TV Show Spoilers.

With the election and NYC's destruction looming, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) has a disturbing face-to-face meeting with the shadowy Linderman. Hiro's (Golden Globe nominee Masi Oka) attempt to steal the sword steers him into a grim new direction.

Nathan leads Hiro to the samurai sword in Linderman's secret collection.

Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) makes a breakthrough on "the list" -- at great cost. D.L. (Leonard Roberts) begins to suspect all is not well at home.

We see fan favorites Jessica / Nikki.

New "hero" Candice Wilmer (guest star Missy Peregrym) makes an illusive debut.

Note this is spelled with an "i" not an "e", "illusive". This is deliberate. Think illusionist.

(Peter Petrelli, meet Peter Parker)


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