Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Unexpected Previews

Yesterday was "Run". Scroll down the page for the "Run" clues 'n spoilers episode summary.

Heroes Season 1, Episode 16 is "Unexpected", and unexpectedly Unexpected (phewwwww) continues the theme of Running. The older Heroes superheroes need to Run from something. Claude is running, as he has been for 15 years. Claire's bio mom Meridith Gordon is running back into hiding as she has been for 15 years. Now the younger generation of Heroes is getting active and that is leading the evil force to the older generation. Claire found out Meridith the firestarter. And Peter found out invisible Claude.

Here is the spoilers - y Canadian Promo trailer for Heroes "Unexpected", which is different from the U.S. promo. Includes a preview of Claude's confrontation with Peter:

Before the U.S. broadcast, NBC showed a clip of a Hero with a new super hearing superpower, and she is on to Sylar:

The after-broadcast U.S. trailer was sponsored by Windows Vista from Microsoft and used a neat Windows multitasking format:


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