Monday, February 12, 2007

Heroes Chapter 15: "Run" Episode Clues

This is my Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog episode clues summary of the interesting twists and turns for Episode 15 of Heroes, Run.

Clueless Matt Heroes mind-reading policeman needs to support his family so takes on a new job as bodyguard, only to be confronted by a quite confused person – you know the one with two personalities – Jessica and Nikki. So in between stealing diamonds and his day job, Matt just manages to survive Jessica’s wrath. Interestingly, he uses his superpower to read two people’s thoughts in one body – Jessica and Nikki.

Zane Taylor is introduced in Run as a new, albeit short-lived superhero - as seen in the photo. Meet Sylar, have brain eaten. His power now owned by Sylar is the ability to melt anything he wants – bank vaults, people, whatever.

Jessica is revealed as a professional hit-woman, evil Linderman’s new assassin paying off her debt to him for springing her (and Nikki) from prison. "Whatever Linderman wants Linderman gets". A hint of the future.
Back to the present, Jessica is out to even the score with Linderman’s crooked hatchet man Aron Malsky. Malsky took $2 million of Linderman's money and converted it into diamonds. Of course Matt winds up with the diamonds in the end.

Meanwhile Nikki / Jessica’s husband D.L. has not figured out Jessica is in control, as Jessica has learned to put on a game face and conceal her identity. Micah also seems oblivious but the spoiler is that Micah senses his mother’s dilemma.

We got to see Nathan’s human side – a refreshing turn from the robo Nathan of previous episodes. It was sad how he could not meet Claire and how she cast him out in the biblical sense, with a stone. Great, we get to like him right before assassin Jessica gets at him.

Meridith's spoilers reveal is that the fire where she "died" was a guise to disappear from someone who was after her - think Linderman, Nathan's estranged patron.

Nathan agrees to Meridith's demand for $100,000 in hush money. Her character laid bare, she lies to Claire Heroes cheerleader about the amount so she can keep most of the money. The twist of course is that Jessica has a contract to kill Nathan. She easily handled mind-reading Matt, so Nathan may wind up being the Heroes superhero who dies in February, besides Zane.

We also found out where Nathan gets his cold cover-up side … political mother-from-hell Angela Petrelli. What is her Heroes superpower? :)

Sandra Bennett – aka Mrs. Bennett, Claire's adoptive mother is becoming more and more vacant, the unintended after-effects of the hundred mind-wipes by the Haitian Heroes mind eraser. His power as readers of this blog know is not precise, and he has eliminated brain connections of hers. Now she does not remember cute cuddly Mr. Muggles and that is disturbing :), much less her memories of her daughter Claire. Looks like Claire will wind up only with one mother, the flawed Meridith.

Sylar has posed as someone else, and clueless Mohinder Suresh, keeper of the Heroes list has no idea he has teamed up with the mass-murdering marauding murderer of his beloved father.

Heard only here in the spoilers post for Run, we knew Ando was not always the trusty friend Hiro imagines him to be. Now he wants to team up with Hope, the woman with something to hide. At this point, this only is poor judgment by Ando. Think about this… How did Ando know to wear Cologne to impress Hiro’s sister Kimiko in Heroes season 1, episode 14, Distractions? The spoilers - y answer is that he has been the family’s agent to protect and keep an eye on Hiro. He knew in advance the love of his life Kimiko was coming in advance.

Next week's episode of Heroes, Season 1, Episode 16 is "Unexpected". Remember, with Heroes, expect the "Unexpected", as Matt teams up with Hana Gittleman the Israeli super spy and Ted Sprague Heroes' radioactive guy.


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the Ando thing is actually plausible. but not sure if that explains the "Hope" scenario. keep at it. interesting read :)