Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nathan and Claire Spoilers for Heroes "Run", and Previews

We found a few new clips for the upcoming episode of Heroes, "Run".

The first set focuses on Nathan Heroes spoilers: Nathan deals with the stunning phone call from Meridith, Claire's bio mom revealing that Claire has appeared from nowhere, back into their lives. His campaign advisor Angela is urging him to stay clear of Claire. The not shown spoiler is, he does not. Also, Linderman now is involved in a public scandal. Nathan does offer Meridith and Claire hush money, $50,000, but Claire resists the offer. Here is one of the previews...

Matt, Jessica and Claire Heroes Spoilers: The new Heroes promo slogan from NBC is that someone dies - and someone flies ;) this month. What are new Heroes spoilers are some glimpses of Matt the mind reader pointing his gun at Jessica/Nikki, and then of course Matt taking an involuntary flying leap out a window. Claire finally confronts her adpotive dad H.R.G. and he serves up his reasonable explanation... he only wanted to protect his family. Ever ambiguous H.R.G.

Two Heroes will face off trailer:


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