Friday, January 5, 2007

Matt and Claire Spoilers

The Heroes spoilers are rolling in to Heroes TV Show Spoilers central now that we are getting some buzz.

Buzz? Like a cute bumble bee buzz?

Not what we had in mind, but that buzz is for another day…stay tuned.

As for the spoilers, they will keep rolling out of the inner sanctum to hype the January 22 mid-season Heroes premiere. As soon as we fully interrogate and vet each spoiler we will post them here ... keep checking. After all we need to maintain our track record of 100% accuracy. Seriously, not, our hit rate is not looking around 99.9%. How’s that for innovative grammar ? ;)

Without further introduction, here are the new spoilers:

If she had not yet figured it out, Matt's wife finally gets clued in as he confirms all her suspicions that there is something going on in his head. More correctly in her head since it's Matt who is there reading her mind at will. All those secrets she has really are not. She’s been bad and he knows it but also has guilt.

Claire, daughter of HRG (Mr. Horn-Rimmed-Glasses), of course spends some real quality time with the mind erasing "Haitian" superhero. Finally she blurts out she wants to meet Peter Petrelli. Why is that? Well Peter the power sponge is the key, and Claire needs to save the world. As loyal readers of the Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog already know, "Save the cheerleader .. Save the world" means a lot more than just saving Claire’s life. It means saving her Heroes memories. HER superpowers are needed to help save the world – and she needs to be kept safe from rampaging Sylar on the loose. Getting close to power sponge Peter Petrelli is a key, so he can use her healing powers, and at the necessary time Ted the radioactive guy's radiation. And Voila, world is saved! Or maybe destroyed if the dream is really what it seemed to be – which we doubt.


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