Monday, January 8, 2007

Hiro Sword Spoilers

What did we know about Hiro's quest for his sword? In our earlier Heroes spoilers posts, it was revealed that Hiro keeps up his quest for the samurai sword - you know, the sword strapped to his back in the famous subway future sequence between Hiro and Peter Petrelli.

In recently released PR shots, we see that Hiro really does find the sword. Not just the sword but the full samurai warrior body armour.

But let's take a closer look at this spoiler scene. Why is it a spoiler? Well we know Hiro sees his goal. But check out the handle of the samurai weapon. Nice design huh? Really nice. In fact, it's like "x" marks the spot. In this case its the Heroes RNA strand logo marks the spot.

Ando gets into the scene too.

Nice design.


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Xiaoyu_Kumo said...

I found something about Hiro's sword! In the second episode, "Don't Look Back", about 31:40 into it (commercial-free version), notice that the green code scrolling across the screen in front of Mohinder has the symbol from the hilt of Hiro's sword encrypted on it! Also, in first few seconds of the scene after, guess what shape the hose and three floaties form in the pool? The same! This sword is much more important than we realize.