Saturday, December 30, 2006

Heroes Spoilers: Save The Cheerleader

Heroes Spoiler Ahead - Real Meaning of Save the Cheerleader
Stop Reading if You Do Not Want to Know the Future of Heroes.

We posted the original Heroes Spoilers for Season 1, Episode 12 previously. Now we've got a new New Year's spoiler, and it's a mini-blockbuster.

But is it true? Yes 100% ... maybe, only we know.

Remember that before the Winter hiatus, one of the cliff-hangers was that the Haitian had captured Claire the Cheerleader in her bedroom and put his hand on her mouth. We were led to believe that was so she would not scream while he revealed his purpose. Remember?

The Haitian is the eraser, the memory eraser and dear old Dad sent him to erase Claire's memories of her superpowers. He'd done it before, but this time was different. This was not your usual robotized super hero. The Haitian says he is going to disobey orders and let her keep her memories. Does he really do that?

Yes. The post-hiatus episode picks up on the Haitian - Cheerleader story and we find out where he goes next.

"Save the Cheerleader ... Save the World" did not mean what we all thought.

It was not just to save the Cheerleader's life. It also was to save her memories from erasure. Why is that? Stay tuned...


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