Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Heroes Spoilers: "The Fix" - Season 1, Episode 13


This is my spoilers blog for the next episode of Heroes - Season 1, Episode 13, which is called "The Fix". As usual, if you want to remain in suspense until the broadcast, stop reading now ...

I will post an episode summary of this episode, with the clues and hints after it is broadcast.

As reported here a month ago, George Takai, who is Sulu of Star Trek fame joins the cast of Heroes as time shifting Hiro's Dad from Japan (Takai is in the middle of the photo). He portrays is a stern man, and the role presented challenges for Takai, requiring him to speak in the Japanese language. He plays a significant figure - one of power in the business world in Japan.

Reportedly Takai is signed for a three-episode stint, meaning we can expect Hiro's dad's presence for the middle of Season 1. His mission is to take Hiro home to Japan. He's had hints of Hiro's power and wants to spare him the burden. Here at the Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog are rooting for Hiro to stay, and are confident that ratings demand it!

Moreover, in Season 2, action will periodically shift to Japan.

NBC also has released its official episode guide for The Fix. As usual, beware of misleads and vague hints in it. They report that Hiro is being pursued by assailants unknown in his quest for the samurai sword of destiny. And, suddenly his father (Sulu, aka George Takei) appears.

Now drug-free Issac dedicates himself to stopping New York's destruction -- and Peter's.

Claire, the indestructible Cheerleader, "embarks on a search for her true birth parents" while keeping the mission secret from her overly controlling father H.R.G. Look for Claire to learn astounding facts about them in Episode 14. Here is a teaser: At least one of her biological parents is an employee of infamous Primatech Paper, with H.R.G. And, we have seen that character in a previous episode. A big spoiler is to expect Claire to track down at least her biological mother in The Fix, or in the next episode, and Tim Kring the creator of Heroes has promised that Claire will find her biological mother played by Jessalyn Gilsig living in an Airstream in a trailer park in The Fix. Beware of spoilers misdirection!

Claude (Dr. Who, aka Christopher Eccleston), is the invisible pickpocket guy, who may be in a position to play an imperfect Yoda to Peter's power sponge. Claude has been living with his powers for a while and has knowledge of what "really" is going on. He will not reveal that knowledge in The Fix, but look for it to be hinted at by his confidence.

D.L. - the husband of Nikki/Jessica struggles with new family responsibilities, namely bringing up a superpower kid of his own.

Matt the mind reader opens up to his wife Janice who seems very pregnant.

H.R.G. - Jessica the Cheerleader's dad focuses on his captive Sylar, as in last weeks episode.

"While working to find those on "the list," Suresh receives a surprising visitor" - how's that for vague?



dj-anakin said...

Clair is HRG's daughter. Jessica is Nikki's dead twin sister.

Mr. Incredulous said...

Before reading this, I told my wife, Mrs. Parkman looks 4-5 months pregnant!