Monday, January 22, 2007

Godsend Episode Summary

Q - When is a Heroes TV Show Spoilers Blog not a Heroes spoilers blog?
A - When it does a Heroes episode summary. ... NOT

This Heroes episode summary has the clues and spoilers that we think are interesting in the episode. Not everything from the episode, but our view on highlights and clues to the future.

Claire the unbreakable cheerleader, sheesh she keeps getting blood stains on her clothes.

OK, The big one for tonight: the Heroes 360 Degrees Experience.

This has everything to do with Claire's psycho father HRG's front company, Primatech Paper. We meet Primatech Paper in the raid on their Odessa, Texas facility. A lot of superheroes in one place. Suddenly HRG is a smirking psycho bad guy again. Taunting Matt with his failure to expose HRG.

Did you notice how the episode starts "two weeks later"? That's what is flashed on the opening card. HRG must have gone on a crash diet in those two weeks. Notice how much thinner he has become? Definitely did not eat a lot over holiday/New Year break.

The Heroes 360 Degree Experience is launched during the episode with the hint to text Apply to 46622 printed on HRG's business card handed to Mohinder Suresh. Now what was that? NBC gave the spoiler to it a few days ago with a press release announcing the 360 Degree Experience will begin today, with the airing of Godsend. Basically the 360 Degree Experience will be like an on-line treasure hunt for storyline clues related to Heroes, and maybe spoilers too. This is meant to augment the viewing experience, like with the on-line web game that Lost had last summer. The Heroes 360 Degree Experience is sponsored by Nissan (and others), so expect some product placement and tie-ins.

Here is what NBC says officially about the Heroes 360 Degree Experience game:

Beginning on January 22nd, viewers will be invited to experience "Heroes" in a whole new way. As they investigate on-air clues and learn new truths about the characters, their involvement will lead them to new platforms, including interaction with unique mobile content

The Heroes 360 Degree Experience can be found on

Back to the episode:

Hiro at the museum of Natural History in New York, looking at the dinosaur exhibit. Conveniently, the Heroes samurai sword is right next to the exhibit. As soon as Hiro sees it he knows he’s found his weapon. The twist: It is a replica and the infamous Linderman has popped up again… He’s got the original.

Then Linderman has a recurring invisible presence, appearing again as the guy who stole … errr bought all the paintings.

Ted the radioactive guy – he is isolated all alone with his inner demons in a remote desert location in Nevada - a nuclear test range for the radioactive guy. A fitting place for him to absorb all the energy he needs.

The big reveal of on HRG’s card. The access number is on the back of the card. Conveniently it is not revealed, and of course the Heroes 360 Degree Experience will involve that very number.

The big reveal, we were right… Peter the power sponge absorbs Ted’s radioactivity and can’t control it, so the world explodes. Ambiguous Claude is introduced to be Peter’s reluctant Yoda to control the power of this Force. An evil hero using his invisibility power to pick pockets on crowded streets.

Oh, Sylar did not escape :). What are they saving him for? Poor pitiful Sylar curled up in a ball at he beginning, like decidedly not pitiful Nikki/Jessica at the end. Tidy episode bookends.


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