Saturday, February 3, 2007

Claire Spoilers for Distractions and Heroes Previews

Heroes Spoilers ahead...

The upcoming Distractions episode of Heroes has a number of themes discussed in our earlier spoilers post.

One spoiler theme of course is "Meet the Parents", or more correctly, let's explore Claire the indestructible cheerleader's biological past. Claire has been naturally curious about her bio-parents. Whenever she or her adoptive Mom got too close in the past, controlling daddy H.R.G. (Mr. Bennett) arranged those brain cells to be erased by the Haitian mind-eraser. Now, Claire has broken out and is about to find out. The spoiler is that in Distractions, she meets her birth mother, played by Nip/Tuck's Jessalyn Gilsig. The meeting is shown in the first of the spoiler preview videos below.

In true Heroes fashion, the plot thickens when that happens, as TV Guide states. This will be a major theme of the February sweeps period, promises series creator Tim Kring, "a really big shocker. ... "We'll see the inciting incident that allowed him [H.R.G.] to gain possession of her."

There are a lot more spoiler clips floating around the Internet now. Here are the ones we found:

  • Sylar escapes from Primatech Paper leaving H.R.G. (Claire's adoptive father in his cell. H.R.G. seems genuinely scared ... Oh, he lives by the way.

  • Isaac the future painter and Simone.

  • Nikki/Jessica in Psychotherapy - about to get loose

  • Peter in training from Claude Rains, the invisible man

  • Heroes Preview trailer, showing Sylar at Claire's home threatening to murder Mrs. Bennett

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