Monday, February 5, 2007

Heroes Episode Summary: "Distractions", Chapter 14, Season 1

Hiro confronting his "distractions" in "Distractions"


This is my Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog episode summary and spoilers clues for Chapter 14 of Heroes, Distractions - Season 1, Episode 14.

First, the obvious. One spoiler we repeatedly forecast was that Claire the cheerleader meets her biological mother with huge trepidation and wonder, as seen in the photo. And that happened, right in the trailer park, as Meridith and Claire bonded. Zach accompanied Claire to the trailer, but had the good sense to stand back as the superhero titans met, avoiding the possible fireworks, literally, after all dear old Mom is a very unstable firecracker ... er firestarter.

The big reveals of this episode were:

  • Jessica / Nikki now is in Linderman's pocket
  • Peter can remember powers
  • H.R.G. thought Claude was dead
  • Claire's biological father...

Nathan, Peter’s womanizing flying politician brother turns out to be as bad as everyone thought. The spoilers were a bit off on this one, but Nathan is Claire’s biological father, not H.R.G. or Linderman. That makes sense, since we already have seen infidelity from him, a clue to his checkered past. His attempts to suppress Peter, also another clue. His infatuation with a clean public persona also was a clue.

The mega spoiler is the rumor floated by the creators that Claire’s bio-dad is someone working with H.R.G. This means, Nathan is in league with H.R.G. if a real spoiler rather than misdirection.

Hiro wraps up his family "distractions" - Mr. Sulu, George Takai, aka Mr. Nakamura, and sister Kimiko, as the word "distractions" flashed on the screen (captured above, thanks Heroes-Wiki). Hiro’s dad is chairman of Yagamoto Industries, a conglomerate and is training Hiro from the ground up in business. Hiro's destiny awaits his return to Japan.

The big reveal is Kimiko, Hiro’s sister, and Ando is in looooooooooove with Kimiko. Did you notice he put on cologne to meet her? It turns out Mr. Nakamura cannot lure Hiro back and returns with Kimiko installed as his new heir, and Ando longing.

The spoiler is we have not seen the last of Kimiko, and expect more of her (and Ando) in Heroes Season 2 - unless her contract is not renewed ;) .

Jessica/Nikki the dual personality finally busts loose. Turns out elephant restraints cannot hold a Heroes superhero like Jessica. She breaks them like confetti and tasers the psychiatrist. Interestingly, Nikki/Jessica faints afterwards and is subdued. Sinister, and unseen Linderman doctors the evidence and she is exonerated of the murders, so she is freed by Linderman’s lawyer. Now she is owned by him. The spoiler for next week is that Linderman turns Jessica out as an assassin, and Jessica suppresses her good Nikki persona.

Claude Raines, the invisible man, has had his superpower for 15 years. He trained other Heroes, possibly Nathan. It seems the older Heroes heroes know or were associated with each other at one time. Claude knows H.R.G., and possibly Nathan. The Heroes spoiler for Chapter 15 of season 1 of the Heroes series (next week) is that H.R.G. thought Claude was dead, and teams up with Isaac to track him.

Claude is training Peter to retain his powers one at a time – first by clearing his head of negative attachments. He does that by trailing Simone, Peter’s present and Isaac’s former girlfriend. They track her to Isaac’s roof, where of course he sees, but does not hear Simone’s conversation with Isaac.

Peter misinterprets Simone’s embrace with Isaac as further infidelity, and finally is cleared of his attachments. Devilish Claude subscribes to the “sink-or-swim” school of Heroes superpower training, and pushes poor Peter off Isaac’s three-hundred foot tall building. Claude fully expects Peter will kick in brother Nathan’s Heroes flying superpower to save himself. Instead, Peter falls and falls and falls, and smashes into a taxicab – predicted by Isaac. No flying power! But Claire’s healing power kicks in just in time and Peter heals himself from the plunge.

Peter learns he can hold on to Heroes superpowers, by remembering the feeling they gave him and the person who donated them. He still needs to increase his sponge, i.e. retention ability.

Now, the creepy scene of the night, features Sylar in his Primatech Paper suit. He meets Mrs. Bennett and cute Mr. Muggles the dog. Mrs. Bennett teases us with H.R.G.’s still unknown name, and classically, Mr. Muggles’ chewing on Sylar’s shoelaces elicits a reprimand, rather than the name. Just as Sylar is about to kill Mrs. Bennett, the ever ambiguous H.R.G. arrives and shoots Sylar. I do not see how a gun can kill superhero Sylar, much less the Haitian who H.R.G. sends after him.

As usual, H.R.G. orders the Haitian to wipe Mrs. Bennett's memories … for the hundredth time leaving her a vacant Stepford wife. A faint wiff of memory remains, so the spoiler may turn out to be Mrs. Bennett.

The preview spoilers showed Mohinder unwittingly teaming up with Sylar, his dad's murderer. Although Mohinder knows the name "Sylar", he doesn't know the face and Sylar uses a false identity.



mish-mash mousse said...

Hi! Great Blog! I've been reading it for some time now. Love the video spoilers. Don't know how you get them, but keep it up. The spoilers keep me guessing what's next and help me understand such an awesome and fast paced show.

I'm a huge Jessica/Nikki and Isaac fan. They better not get killed off!!!! NO WAY!!!! Any spoilers you can post on them would be awesome. BTW I wondered last night if Jessica might become an assasin for Linderman. Pretty cool huh? I don't care if Jessica or Nikki wins. Ali Larter is an extremely talented actress and should be around a long, long time. Hope her contract gets renewed for season 2.

As a fellow artist I love Isaac's character. Sometimes I wish I could paint the future. Hope his contract is renewed also. He's got a lot of fans.

Mr. Incredulous said...

One serious thing being overlooked from this episode: HRG obviously has a power. How else was he able to contact the Haitian locked in Sylar's old prison? Even Sylar himself commented how "good" the cage was; he wasn't able to escape until HRG opened the door to discover Claire's fake dad...
Now that we know this, what next? Does he wage war on the likes of Claude and Peter, or does he switch his attention to Claire, Nathan and bio-mom?

A said...

Hey Mish, Thanks, we are like minded. Somep eople criticize the character Jessica/Nikki, not so much the outstanding acting of Ali Lartner. Personally, I love the character and want a lot more.

Mr. I, I've been wondering the same thing about HRG - whether he has a superpower or not. It would seem he should, or he as acquired some by study. However, I haven't seen any evidence yet. If Sylar has sensed a superpower, he would have eaten HRG's brain, or whatever he does to find out how you tick. I thought HRG got out of the cell by someone else happening to come by and free him from the outside, like the Haitian minde-eraser.

Crabsense said...

I found this awesome digg post about the Heroes development process complete with spoilers and rumors from the creators.

HEROES panel discussion

Hope it gives you some good material.

MissLauraQ said...

Great job as always

One thing I might disagree with - Claire is a teenager and we have no idea how long Nathan has been with his wife. For all we know Claire could have been an "Oops" baby way before Nathan ever met his wife.

A said...

Hi Miss Laura, Those are pretty valid points. We also do not know whether Nathan really wanted to have a relationship with his child and was prevented from doing so against his will. We also do not know whether he was married to pyro - hero at the time.