Friday, October 12, 2007

Heroes Videos Update

This is a Heroes videos update for Kindness Of Strangers, Heroes season 2, Ep. 4. Follow the link to our earlier spoilers post for this episode.

Following recent pattern, NBC has leaked several Heroes spoilers containing videos. The new video clips are not terribly informative, but show the development of three of the story lines:

  • Angela / Nathan Petrelli Heroes Spoilers: Angela still is in police custody and confesses to Nathan that she has done a lot of terrible things in her life. Nathan is skeptical that Angela killed Hiro's dad, Kaito Nakamura. Angela cannot avoid being a caring mother, advising Nathan he has to get go into detox rehab in order to re-gain the confidence and trust of his family. Best line: "Just because you shaved doesn't mean you are clean and sober". Go mamma.

  • Bennett Family Spoilers Video: Noah (H.R.G.) and Sandra Bennett, and Mr. Muggles the super-power dog are discussing how difficult Claire's life is and wondering whether she has a boyfriend. The twist, of course, the Claire comes in, worried she is headed into another lesson about the birds and the bees. But really, dad's advice will be to keep away from flying boys.

  • Nana / Lt. Uhura / Nichelle Nichols, super cousin and Micah Heroes Video: We see Micah the electronic whiz kid with his grandmother Nana - played by Nichelle Nichols known for her famous role as Lt. Uhura. In clip 2 the motion repeating cousin is on the job at a fast-food restaurant. She assures her friend she could not possibly become pregnant wearing the restaurant's unattractive uniform.

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