Monday, October 15, 2007

Heroes Fight Or Flight Spoilers - S2Ep.5

Time for the Heroes Spoilers Blog for Heroes Season 2, Episode 5 - Fight Or Flight. Often imitated, never surpassed. Sooooo, as usual, don't read any further unless you want to know the future of Heroes TV on NBC ... blah ... blah ... and blah.

"Fight or Flight" is an appropriate title where the Heroes super Heroes decide whether to stand ground or run. First, some Heroes clues-spoilers-speculation from "Kindness of Strangers" - Heroes Episode 4.

"He is the Nightmare Man" - Molly Walker about Matt the mind reader's father.

(Need help, Sylar?)

In Kindness of Strangers, we learned that Monica, Micah's super-hero cousin will never get a promotion, but also is a super replicator. And, Micah, he is great friend - comes with premium cable. Sylar has been reborn; gaining the confidence of the brother and sister duo, he will follow them across THE border back to the U.S.A. Sylar's calling card is a cockroach. Claire is a self-deprecating "cheap date" to the Hollywood sign with West, finally.

(Cleaning up)

Matt, Nathan, Molly, Angela Heroes Spoilers Clues: Angela Petrelli confesses to killing Kaito Nakamura, but Matt the mind reader thinks she is lying - but she might actually be truthful. Angela is desperate - for Nathan to leave and keep his family safe, but also to keep the police from investigating further. She knows something bad is about to happen. Creepy Molly the Heroes detector lays the Heroes Season 2 bombshell - the nightmare man is Matt's long-lost thieving dad - apparently not Bob the balding company man, who turns metal into gold. He leaves Molly in shock after penetrating her mind.

Now for Fight or Flight Heroes Spoilers: The Heroes season 2 theme of gathering together all the Heroes super-heroes together from great distances continues. Matt takes flight to Philadelphia for a confrontation with dad the nightmare man Heroes anti-hero. Matt's father, like Matt, can get into the mind of other people. However, his ability is more developed and dangerous. While Matt can only read minds, his father can do damage when he gets in. That is why Molly is so scared of him, and one reason Angela Petrelli wants Matt to "let it go".

Elle Spoilers: Kristen Belle makes her debut on Heroes as Elle - a Company operative in search of Peter in Ireland. The NBC Heroes spoilers trailer aired in the U.S. has her debut:

The Canadian Heroes spoilers trailer has some great shots of Nathan burned, and the aftermath of an attack by Matt's dad, the Nightmare Man.

The official NBC episode summary highlight's Kristin Bell's debut:

SEARCHING FOR A LOST HERO, ELLE (GUEST STAR KRISTEN BELL) MAKES A SHOCKING DEBUT IN IRELAND -- In Ireland, a lost Hero attempts to move beyond the past, but discovers that a mysterious woman -- Elle (guest star Kristen Bell) -- is willing to kill to find him.

RIP lovable Irish gangster.
Matt (Greg Grunberg) and an unexpected ally fly to Philadelphia to hunt down the "boogyman," following his terrible attack on Molly (guest star Adair Tishler), but the pair finds themselves outmatched.

Fly air Nathan.
Monica (Dana Davis) tries to come to terms with her new abilities and her role as a local hero.

The Heroes spoilers are that her abilities were "activated" by the arrival of her cousin Micah, just like Hiro's arrival in ancient Japan activated Takezo Kensei's. Now Monica is a piano virtuoso - an ability sponge.
Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) meets his new partner and gets a disturbing assignment. H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) takes a step to further protect his family. Meanwhile, as Hiro (Masi Oka) continues to fix the past in feudal Japan, Ando (James Kyson Lee) attempts to piece together historically what's happened to his best friend.

Finally NBC TV leaked six minutes of Heroes videos spoilers for Fight or flight, including Suresh and Matt spoilers, killer Elle (Kristen Bell) confronts gangster Heroes spoilers, Monica, Micah (got cable?) and Nana spoilers, and Peter opens the box ... almost...



TLDietrich said...

I got a kick out of the group photo of "Heroes: The Last Generation". Anyone else notice the ONE person who was not facing the camera?

A said...

Are you talking about Nathan's father?

Metal Gear said...

I saw this pretty cool Peter Petrelli painting available on eBay just today.. the guy has others but I thought this was the coolest. I may bid to have it on my living room!