Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Heroes Season 1 Spoilers

General Heroes Spoilers
Not Episode-Specific

Here are some general Heroes Season 1 spoilers that I've identified for the remainder of the season. In the coming weeks I'll be expanding these Heroes spoilers a lot as we gather more information.

The bare bones of the spoilers are laid out by Tim Kring in an interview. If you haven't noticed he's the guy who pops up on the title card of Heroes as the creator. So he probably has a pretty good crystal ball. On the other hand, laying out some misdirection may help with PR, so take these spoilers with a grain of salt. Also, as a creator associated with the show, he had to be pretty vague, but we have been able to fill in some of the blanks.

Claire will go through the season pretending to her father H.R.G that she does not remember her superpowers. In reality she does remember them and this leads to a pretty tense home-life for her, until she leaves eventually to help with saving the world. As we said before, "Save the Cheerleader" meant not only to save her life, but also to save Claire's memories.

One theme of the remainder of the season will be “Are you on the List?”. NBC was running "List" promos during the New Year's Day football games. This refers to the list now possessed by Mohinder, but assembled by his father the obsessed Indian professor. I'm wondering if this will last as the theme of the remainder Season 1 of Heroes, or whether a new slogan will be rolled out later. Not the compelling punch that “Save the Cheerleader ... Save the world” had. Nevertheless, Mohinder’s continuing pursuit of the superheroes on the List will be a recurring theme of his mission to assist them, putting his own life in grave danger.

And yes, Mohinder gets converted into a full-fledged member of the Heroes gang. Not necessarily with superpowers, but aiding them.

The samurai sword is another Heroes spoiler. We know Hiro the Hero winds up as a modern day samurai warrior, but how does he do that. We will find out in a few episodes as Hiro tracks down the meaningful weapon in his quest for the sword.

Christopher Eccleston (aka Dr. Who) will play a character who becomes the Yoda to Peter’s Luke Skywalker.

Ted Sprague, the radioactive guy, will reappear soon. We knew he had to because his radioactive power absorbed by power sponge Peter seems to be a cause of the explosion in the dream sequence cliffhanger.

Terrorism: Thankfully the show’s creators have had the good sense not to pursue this as the theme of the explosion in New York. That would have torpedoed the show’s popularity faster than you can say Osama Bin Laden. Instead, the focus has to do with Ted the radioactive guy. This may be an unsubstantiated rumor as we have not been able to verify it yet.


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