Thursday, May 22, 2014

Heroes Reborn Spoilers

Indeed Heroes is returning. In case you haven't heard by now, NBC is producing a reboot of the series, at present called Heroes Reborn. Here are the not-so-spoilers for the return...

This will be an original production, not necessarily with the original cast. Peppy cheerleader Claire, played by Hayden Panittiere specifically will not return, at least that's what the actress now has announced. The new series will have 10 episodes produced, although there are options to produce additional episodes if the reboot catches on.  The first ten will be positioned as an event miniseries.

There also now are rumors floating around that a parallel online digital series will be broadcast, with the online version being a prequel to the episodes being broadcast on NBC TV. The online version will be the place that some of the characters like Sylar from the original series will make cameo appearances. Maybe Hayden will appear too, although nothing confirmed on that.

The new series is set to bow in 2015, with no specific date announced yet, but rumors are that it will be early in the year.

Here is the NBC teaser trailer:

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