Sunday, October 7, 2007

Kindred Heroes Spoilers - Season 2, Ep. 3

This is the Heroes Spoilers blog for "Kindred" - Season 2, episode 3 of the Heroes TV show on NBC TV and other stations in the U.K., Australia, Europe and around the globe. The title of this episode is suitably named "Kindred" and Heroes continues exploring the relationships and history among the heroes with powers around the globe as well. Oh, ... as usual, Heroes Spoilers ahead, so stop reading now if you do not want to know the future ... blah ... blah ... yadda .... yadda ... yadda.

Clueless Mohinder Suresh Heroes Spoilers: Mohinder discovers another of the missing eight Isaac Mendez paintings. Again someone will die. And again the Deveux building is front and center as seen in the spoilers clip below. After Kaito Nakamura was assassinated, the Company renovated the space to put in a research lab. Just for Mohinder. The unshown Heroes spoilers here are, how did they do it so quickly? Mohinder is not so clueless after all as he is on to the ruse.

(Not a cockroach?)

Maya and Alejandro are separated again. So what does that mean? Well Maya's on her own and ready to kill with her deadly black stare. The NBC Heroes spoilers press release says she springs Alejandro from a Mexican jail, the ironic implication being a tie-over to their crossing the border illegally. Not THE border, but the border with Guatemala.

Claire, H.R.G. and West Heroes Spoilers: West finally takes Claire for their date to the beach, while H.R.G. the mild mannered copy shop guy heads out on a mission. West is from St. Louis. While there, he either was abducted by aliens or was bagged and tagged by Noah Bennett and the company. Romantic West kisses Claire, and what does she find? The company hickey, or actually the company's chip embed in romantic West's neck, right where Claire might otherwise have found a hickey. Whew, at least there isn't another woman in West's life.

Ando Heroes Spoilers: Ando knows more than let on. Repeatedly he has said that Hiro's father read Hiro the tales of Takezo Kensei. Why is this worth mentioning over and over? The answer is that Hiro's father Kaito Nakamura aka Sulu has been preparing Hiro for another of his destinies, and one not yet revealed. The official Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog rumor speculation is this involves Kensei in the present day - after all he is indestructible and survives long after Hiro's interactions with him in Japan.

Ando returns to his home in Tokyo Japan, and he receives communications from Hiro, from the past.

In Heroes Kindred it is rumored that super-villain Sylar makes his return to Heroes. It's in the trailer, so after all it must be true, right? Not necessarily, but in this case, let's go with it. When last seen, Sylar had been hit on the head with a parking meter by Jessica / Nikki, stabbed, spindled and otherwise defeated by the Heroes heroes, Hiro, H.R.G., Peter and company. He was just a cockroach crawling out of the sewer it seemed. But he's back, actor Zachary Quinto's contract renewed, and now a regular cast member, not just a guest. So we will see a lot more of Sylar in Heroes season 2. All this is "confirmed" in the National Inquirer, which we heard says Sylar kills Candace the reality shaper, but loses all his power after doing so. The Heroes spoilers are that is what Sylar thinks happens.

Jessica/Nikki and her son Micah are back in Las Vegas, and finally the scene from the pre-season Heroes trailer is broadcast - with Jessica/Nikki saying goodbye for now.

Peter Petrelli Heroes Spoilers: Peter is still in the grips of the Irish mob. Instead of just incapacitating them and taking his memories box back, he plays along with their heist. Peter is to incapacitate the guards and the gangsters will take down the armored car. You would think a super-hero could come in handy opening up the can. But we'll see what Peter really is up to.


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