Monday, February 26, 2007

Heroes Spoilers 'n Clues: "Company Man" Episode Summary

As we all knew, this episode focused on H.R.G., Claire, how they got together, and who in the world H.R.G. really is. H.R.G. ever ambiguous to the end. Anyone disappointed? Nobody here!

This is the Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog episode clues summary of the interesting twists and turns for Season 1, Episode 17 of Heroes, "Company Man" - on NBC.

("Comfortable with morally grey" H.R.G.
and invisible Claude, his sidekick)

Shout out thanks to sduncan from Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog for some great tips. See the comments from over the weekend.

How about those Hiro Heroes spoilers? Turns out that Sulu aka George Takai aka Mr. Nakamura Hiro’s billionaire dad knows all about Hiro’s quest. Exactly whether he disapproves or approves of it is unknown at this moment. Hiro meets baby Claire. They have a connection. If anyone ever finds out that Claire has manifested superhero Heroes powers, H.R.G. must “turn her in” to Mr. Nakamura. Now we know H.R.G., the company man, really has been protecting Claire and his family all along. Ever ambiguous, H.R.G. he has done it by killing, mind-erasing, and in the end, deceiving his own ambiguously evil superiors.

Now for the Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog comic interlude, with some Mr. Muggles Heroes spoilers clues [revised]: How did Ted Sprague, the radioactive guy know Mr. Muggles’ the pet dog's name? Based on the comments, it looks like Ted has really good radioactive eyes. Nevertheless, awfully friendly for a radioctive man breaking and entering, and the "watch" dog who never had met him. Hmmmmm. Claire said, Mr. Muggles has a power, playing dead. Mr. Muggles is saved from the radiation not showing a single burn. There is more to come on Mr. Muggles, after all, nobody rememebered to wipe his memories. :)

Ok end of Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog comic interlude.

H.R.G. turns out to be a company man, as in Primatech Paper of fame. A front company for the Heroes tracking program. Another company, aka Mr. Nakamura’s conglomerate is the controlling shareholder so to speak. H.R.G. has been following orders his whole life, having no problem with “morally grey”. However his midlife crisis catches up this week at the hands of the radioactive Ted and Matt Parkman team on one side, H.R.G.'s boss portrayed by Eric Roberts on another side, and the Haitian, apparently playing all sides.

How about the Claude & H.R.G. Heroes story: Talk about ambiguity. H.R.G. shoots Claude. First shot looked like a mistake. The rest were not. Claude had been hiding someone with Heroes super powers, the greatest offense. Who was it? Well, who can save you when you are falling off a bridge after being shot? More to come.

Ironically, H.R.G. winds up doing exactly what Claude did by hiding Claire.

Hana Heroes spoilers: Hmmm, where was Hana? Hana set up the whole operation – tracking down H.R.G. to get answers. One theory is that Hana was there at the end at Primatech Paper, but and based on overwhelming comment, we'll go with uh uh, the Israeli Mossad superhero Heroes spy is on the side of good, still.

Isaac’s building Heroes spoilers: Scene 1, Mr. Nakamura meets with H.R.G. and hands over baby Claire with Heroes’ Hiro playing video games in the background. This roof was very familiar. The roof of Isaac’s building. Also, the same roof where invisible Claude hid out raising pigeons, for years. Also the same roof where H.R.G. and the Haitian tracked down Claude, and Claude flew, for the second time, this time with Peter Petrelli’s aid.

Haitian Heroes Spoilers: We do not know yet who the Haitian is reporting to. We do know that next episode introduces Linderman.

Wasn’t it sad when H.R.G. submitted to the mind wipe? It was on the exact same bridge where he shot invisible Claude 15 years earlier.

Claire and the Haitian now are on the run together. H.R.G. thinks the Haitian will keep her safe.

Some Matt Heroes spoilers clues: More and more Matt is getting clued in. He uses his mind reading superheroes Heroes power quite admirably, for the first time. Matt now is becoming a real fan favorite. He actually hatches the plan to reel in out-of-control Ted during the hostage drama, using his mind reading. Cool. Claire and H.R.G. team up to persuade Matt to shoot Claire. He does, she heals, and Ted cools down, temporarily. Unfortunately for Matt, he now is in with a bad crowd it seems, since he is tied down in the super-secret underground Primatech Paper laboratory.



Jim said...

Ted knew Mr Muggles name because he read a tag attached to the dog's collar as he picked it up. No mysterious happening there.

Great blog, btw!

Denise said...

Didn't Ted just read Mr. Muggles' dog tag when he picked him up?

bobyoung1978 said...

Hmm... like some of your theories, but there's a fair bit of conjecture in there. Claude flew for the second time? I like where you're going with that, but we don't know for certain that's how he survived the bridge. Ted read Mr Muggles name off his collar. Sorry. And that wasn't Hana at the end of the ep. The graphic novels on the official website show that HRG and Hana know each other, and that she's a renegade hero intent on destroying the company. Plus its a different actor. Good post though!

Diley said...

That was not Hana. Hana was played by Stana Kavic in "Unexpected." In Company Man, Candice, a new hero,was played Missy Peregrym.

Greg said...

Sorry to disagree with some of your "finds" in this episode, but I think you might have got some things wrong. First, and probably least important, I don't think that Ted knew Mr. Muggles' name prior to seeing him. Rather, it appeared to me that he read Mr. Muggles' name was on one of the tags on Mr. Muggles collar and that Ted read it from the collar after he and Matt entered HRG's house.

Second, the woman Eric Robert's character said had promising powers did not appear to me to be Hana. I believe that she was played by a different actress than Hana is. I may be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't Hana.

As for HRG's mind wipe, I'm not entirely sure about its import. Since HRG will continue to be an important character in the show, and will perhaps even get teamed up with Matt, I suspect that it was not a very extensive mind wipe. Instead, I bet that the Haitian simply erased any memory of HRG's complicity in Claire's escape (and perhaps, though I find this less likely, any memory related to HRG hiding the fact that Claire had "manifested" from his superiors). That way HRG will be safe from his superiors should Matt or some other mind-reading hero working with HRG's organization "scan" him.

[Another important tidbit from the most recent online comic: It seems as though HRG was never worked with Nathan, as some have suggested. Rather, HRG and Claude were on a "bag-and-tag" mission (target: Claire's mom) which went awry when HRG first encountered Claire.]

Arberto said...

it looked like Ted read Mr. Muggles dog tag.

Arberto said...

it looked to me like Ted read Mr. Muggles dog tag.

asianonymous said...

Well, with Claire probably heading out of Odessa, I guess that's the last we'll see of the "Zach" character.

As for the character of Linderman, people have been speculating that Eric Roberts plays the infamous crime lord, however next week's preview leads us to think he looks more like Colonel Sanders than Al Capone.

mgeary said...

In the previews at the end we get a quick glimpse of Linderman. From the one second glance at the back of his head, I'd guess Linderman is played by Malcolm McDowell. I might be wrong tho...

Jessie said...

also, the roof isn't isaac's building it's simone's father's.

Keisha said...

This episode closed with the Haitian clearing HRG’s mind so the Company cannot trace his memory and finding out what truly happened. What is really an interesting consideration is unless the Haitian also wiped clean Matt's memory, does it matter if HRG's memory was erased as we know Matt knows of HRG's knowledge of Claire's abilities?

A said...

Pretty good point, Keisha. They could find out HRG's disloyalty from Matt, but not everything about Claire's nature and where she might try to hide out.