Monday, February 19, 2007

Heroes Spoilers Clues: "Unexpected" Episode Summary

(Matt Getting Clued In By Hana)

Who does H.R.G. (Mr. Bennett) work for? That's the question asked at the end of Unexpected. The answer will come next week, in Heroes Season 1, Episode 17 - "Company Man", as Claire, Hana, Matt and Ted team up to get some answers out of H.R.G.

This is the Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog episode clues summary of the interesting twists and turns for Season 1, Episode 16 of Heroes, Unexpected.

Blockbuster quote: "Life isn't a comic book" - Hiro sends Ando home to Japan.

With Heroes, we come to expect the unexpected, and with this episode, Unexpected was expected, and we got what was expected. Whew! This was the last episode in the February ratings sweeps period and Heroes did not disappoint. Someone died and someone flied ...

As Heroes TV Show Spoilers blog readers expected in Unexpected, radioactive Ted teamed up with Israeli super spy, wireless Hana. This gave Ted a new faith and attitude on life. Ted was outright depressed after his wife died of radiation poisoning. So a hideaway in the middle of the Nevada desert seemed pretty attractive to him. His unexpected visitor for Heroes Unexpected was of course Hana, with her wireless superpower. Hana gave him the gift of life ... a will to live, with the purpose to track down H.R.G. and his crew. Ted still inadvertently kills all the grass around his deceased wife’s grave.

Hana and Ted then took their act on the road and their first beneficiary was Matt the mind reader, who got clued in, finally. They form the H-M-T team.

Fortunately Ted calls Matt in the Nick of time - just as Matt's lovely glowing wife Janice talked him into calling the police to turn himself in. Imagine it, Janice just wants Matt to be a good father to her baby. So, she develops a great plan (not). Matt will walk in to the police precinct, with $1 million in stolen diamonds as she demanded. Uh ... they really are a good couple with a lot in common ... think about it. Fortunately, Ted and Hana have great timing. Plan aborted...

H.R.G. has been tagging the Heroes he kidnaps with a radioactive tracking isotope. With Hana in the lead, the H-M-T team have a plan, and track down H.R.G. at home. In the end, they will get some dissembling and some answers next week, in "Company Man", season 1, episode 17.

In an almost scary teaming up of the clueless, Mohinder actually gets the phone number for Matt and calls him. Fortunately Hana gets to Matt first. However, Mohinder does lead Sylar to Dale - who has the short-lived super hearing superpower. When her back is turned, he levitates and … yummy brain … Sylar now has super hearing. ... and a major headache ... super hearing = super headache.

Oh, and Mohinder also confides his biggest secret to Sylar, who he still thinks is Zane: "My father was murdered by a man named Sylar".

One aspect of Heroes' creative greatness is giving credit to the givers of inspiration, such as Lost and X-Men.

Lost Heroes spoilers: Did you notice Nathan’s reference to the Island in the middle of the ocean where they would study people with superpowers. That’s what he said to Simone. And, Mohinder’s hotel room was 23, a very significant room in Lost – the “brainwashing” room.

X-Men Heroes Spoilers: Stan Lee, creator of Spiderman, X-Men and the Fantastic Four and retired Chairman of Marvel Comics, was the bus driver.

Someone Flies Heroes spoilers: That would be Peter Petrelli the power sponge. Finally finally he used brother Nathan’s flying power, and he used it to save Claude. H.R.G. and the mind erasing “Haitian” superhero track them using infra-red scopes. The invisibility superpower does not cloak your heat signature. Claude has been hiding out for 15 years and Peter led H.R.G. straight to him. H.R.G. thought Claude was dead ... because he killed him once before of course. Now Claude will be on the run alone again. Like Hiro, operating alone.

On the Claire home front, her mother, Sandra (Mrs.) Bennett has a brain hemorrhage - right in the memory center that the “Haitian” has been erasing. H.R.G., ever ambiguous, rushes home to Sandra and Claire, rather than continuing his hunt for Claude. Claire confronts H.R.G. at the hospital, and he gives the runner-up line: “Just protecting my family”. We do not yet know if H.R.G. is being fully truthful. The spoiler is, uh uh. There’s more :).

Back to Hiro our comic Heroes hero, in another unexpected pairing, he teams up with Gustafson, Hope’s double-crossed partner-in-crime (“You take me with you or the girl gets away, pal”). Hiro and Gustafson bad guy catch up with Ando and Hope, and Ando gets shot.

Finally Hiro’s light bulb goes back on and he reverses Hope's next gunshot and he time shifts Ando to safety. Hiro also realizes the lovelorn Ando no longer is an asset to his mission, so the comedic duo now has been split. Hiro sends Ando home. Life is not a comic book. The Heroes TV Show spoilers are: Ando will be back for sure. Hiro’s controlling dad will insist on that. His son cannot be all alone in danger in America, and Ando is the only person he trusts with his mission.

Who dies? Simone. Peter confronts Isaac the future painter about leading H.R.G. to him. Isaac pulls the trigger and shoots, and down goes Simone. R.I.P.

The Heroes spoilers for next week in Season 1, Episode 17: We learn more about Claire’s origins, and who H.R.G. really works for. More on these Heroes spoilers soon.



Anonymous said...

I haven't yet seen this episode, I cannot wait haha.

A said...

You can watch it now online at, at You also can try itunes.

sarah said...

"Oh, and Mohinder also confides his biggest secret to Sylar, who he still thinks is Dale: "My father was murdered by a man named Sylar"."

Mohinder thinks Sylar is Zane, not Dale.

A said...

Oops, point well taken :) May a thousand camels have heart attacks :) ... It's fixed. I'll be serious for a minute: the choice is get the spoilers clues post up on Heroes broadcast night, or wait 'till a lot later and have it flow like a literary masterpiece. Ok done being serious: This is a Heroes spoilers blog and is 100% accurate (not) - so I've opted for the former, and really appreciate the constructive feedback! Literally thousands of people log in after the Heroes broadcast, so I like to get it done early, even at the risk of a typo here and there, so the thousand camels really appreciate the feedback ...

Anthony said...

great blog ... i found it very useful. just few notes: the diamonds worth $2 million (not 1 million) I guess since the attorney stole it from Linderman.

Secondly, from the previous episode, I still can't understand why Linderman wants to kill Nathan. He got the tape, that should be enough to extort Nathan once he is in Congress.

Finally, what is Sylar exact ability? Is there a science name for it? So basically he studied a brain with ability in order to gain it ?

A great blog, once again.