Monday, January 15, 2007

Heroes Spoiler Season

From the teaser trailer and some other super secret hidden sources maybe, we've now isolated a few more spoilers.

Niki, half of the the dual personality with Jessica, is informed by her lawyer or someone really official looking that the prosecution is going for the death penalty. It is not clear whether it is her, her disappearing husband D.L., or Ted the radioactive guy who they want offed. The last we see of Niki in the ad is an injection and her lying face down in a padded mental hospital room.

Most chilling is Mohinder saying to Nathan the congressman that his brother Peter is the most important person on the entire list. Peter the power sponge is the key, as we have said before.

Claire's increasingly less creepy dad H.R.G. (horn rimmed glasses) joins with Mohinder to form an alliance. As seen in the publicity photo at left, H.R.G. says, here's my card, let's do lunch. We do not know if Mohinder is being used now, since we still have not learned who H.R.G.'s puppet master is. After all, it is no coincidence that indestructible Claire wound up being "adopted" by H.R.G.

Hiro has a naively presented interaction with Nathan, where Nathan cannot get his accent. This carries the theme of bringing Nathan into acceptance of his super flying power.



Mr. Incredulous said...

Nice blog!!!
As a huge fan of Heroes, it's nice to see someone in the blogspot world devoted space to this awesome show...
Now, my rebuttal...
Yes, an alliance is formed between Mohinder and HRG. ...Or is it? My belief is that HRG comes to Mohinder under false pretenses with a hidden agenda. Remember episode 1? HRG knew who Mohinder was and knew Jr. Suresh held "the list." HRG was already involved with finding/supressing Heroes, as could be seen by the "Six Months Ago" episode with Eden. This was a lot more than trying to catch Sylar. I believe HRG is power-hungry, and believes that if Sylar can absorb powers, so can he. Flash back to the dialogue between a captive Sylar and HRG. Sylar's words cut deep into HRG, and all he could do was lash back with the angry words of his plan to "hollow him out."
For a while, HRG had to shift his focus onto protecting his daughter from Sylar. Now that he knows she knows, he has to erase her memory, only we know Haitian betrays him. Now, HRG has to shift his attention from being a caring father and a creepy career-man to an all-out vendetta against the Heroes. He doesn't want them killed, only neutralized and erased. That way, only HRG (theoretically) holds information as to how to gain powers.

A said...

Nice points Mr. Incredulous. I also am perplexed by HRG, but feel he's being portrayed somewhat less creepy than originally. We still don't know who is on the other end of the cell phone and what his/her agenda is.

Mr. Incredulous said...

Answer: Linderman!

Lucid Glow said...

Bennet is BAD. He is just very good at hiding it. But let's not forget that he keeps ordering the mindwipe os his entire family. He's obsessed, to say it mildly.
Linderman is his boss. Everything points to that. Who is Linderman? Who is he really?